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Exercise without harm to health

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Exercise without harm to health

The contents

  • After 30 fitness: featured exercise
  • Physical activity after 40: exercise for disease prevention
  • A set of exercises in 50: rules

Exercise is one of the important conditions for getting rid of extra pounds. However, in sports, you need a sense of proportion, especially if the youth is long behind us. How to do fitness with no bad health effects at each age, tell MedAboutMe.

After 30 fitness: featured exercise

After thirty, a body has elastic and neat appearance. However, at this time has already begun the process of reducing the elasticity of the muscles, due to which the shape changes not for the better. Therefore the main objective of training should be “pumping” of the muscles. This contributes to the acceleration of exchange processes and, consequently, burning extra fats.

After thirty five the problem starts with the condition of cartilaginous tissues, performing the role of a gasket in the joints of bones. As a consequence, reduces the flexibility.

At this age it is recommended that:

  • performing aerobic and strength exercises that can be combined into a single training process, running;
  • you can do Pilates and yoga — this helps to make ligaments and tendons more elastic.
  • after 30 years there may be a violation of posture, for this reason it is recommended to pay attention to the complex of exercises on balance it will help the exercise ball and squats with outstretched leg.

After thirty years not recommended:

  • to do jumps and sports that contain step-elements — excessive shock load on the bone machine will not benefit;
  • you need to keep and spine physical exercise with a thrust, it is desirable to exclude, to prefer them to lunges with dumbbells — the result is the same, and the risk will decrease.

Physical activity after 40: exercise for disease prevention

Forty years is a time when the body begins to run in a different mode. No longer of the tidal forces, which was felt in youth, but have the experience, wisdom and knowledge that helps to maintain the health in good condition.

Unfortunately, passing forty, some completely forget about the training, citing domestic concerns, employment and, as a consequence — a constant feeling of fatigue. Only after forty years, how ever, you can’t ignore fitness classes. Exercise is not only exercise for weight loss, but also a good prevention of many diseases, the probability of which the age increases.

After forty-synthesis of male and female hormones decreases, which often leads to extra pounds, especially in belly area and thighs. In addition, satellites hormonal changes are often fatigue and insomnia. These troubles will also help to keep up the fitness.

At the age of forty are recommended:

  • Aerobics, swimming, dancing, Pilates and yoga. The main feature — combining weight training with cardio. These exercises help to strengthen muscles and normalize breathing.
  • Will help to maintain health and Cycling, which strengthen the heart and blood vessels, help to prevent varicose disease and, most importantly, do not represent special danger for the joints.
  • It is recommended to perform isometric physical exercises, strengthening the muscles of the chest and hands. You need to be face to the wall, sticking his hands outstretched and push in continued 10 seconds.

After forty years of musculoskeletal system becomes more vulnerable, so desirable:

  • to deal with such types of martial arts like tai-Bo and kickboxing;
  • include a set of exercises, leaps, and jumps;
  • intense workout is also not recommended — it creates an increased load on the heart and blood vessels.

An important condition of healthy life after forty — drinking regime. The fluid deficit is a danger to the body. Insufficient amount of it has a devastating effect on the tissues of the joints can lead to the occurrence of pain and even worse — partial loss of mobility. In the day you need to drink no less than half a liter of water, and during the hour-long workout in the gym trainers recommend drinking at least two glasses.

A set of exercises in 50: rules

After fifty years of fitness classes are becoming longer and more moderate. With the advent of menopause, a decrease in the activity of hormones. Therefore, in this period it is necessary not only regular exercise but also healthy eating. Food should take small meals at least four times per day. The menu should be balanced and contain the proper amount of vitamins and minerals.

Another unpleasant feature of this age is the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems. It should also be taken into account when choosing the set of exercises. Making fitness not harmed in the preparation of training programs should involve not only the instructor, but the doctor.

At this time suitable exercises on the ellipsoid, water aerobics classes, swimming, Nordic walking and simply walking — all of this good training of the heart muscle. Power, and aerobic exercises contribute to strengthening of a muscular corset. However, overdoing it with strength training should not be — the proportion of them with aerobic should be approximately one to four.

New to the fitness world it is advisable to start with fifteen minute sessions a couple times a week, slowly increasing the load. In the process of training is very important to control heart rate. If you don’t have a special device to do it until enough forces to hold a conversation with the instructor. When talking becomes difficult, or in case of shortness of breath exercise should be complete. In such a situation, no increased loads could not be considered. The main condition for the duration of the sessions — feel-good at the end of workout a person should feel energized, not tired.

At the end of classes, you must do a set of stretching exercises or perform a few asanas of yoga is a beneficial effect on joint mobility.

One more thing — with age, the body recovery is slower for this reason, between intense training, the doctors recommend to do a three-day break. And of the need to protect the joints. At this age, is absolutely contraindicated for circuit training strength and endurance, and step aerobics also should be abandoned. But Jogging is better in the fresh air — soft soil under the feet creates the best cushioning.

If after school there is a strong fatigue — need to take a break, if the feeling of weakness doesn’t pass to go to the doctor. In addition, fitness classes are contraindicated in the presence of thrombophlebitis, progressive myopia and cancer.

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