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Exercise to improve the shape: a simple set of exercises

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Exercise to improve the shape: a simple set of exercises

The contents

  • Physical activity for correction
  • A set of exercises at home
  • Exercises in sedentary work: exercises in the office

If you want to have a nice body, no physical exertion is necessary. You cannot create a resilient, toned shape of the body only through diet. Proper nutrition stimulates weight loss, improves skin, reduces the appearance of cellulite. But only exercise can give the muscles the volume and beautiful texture. Dreaming about the ideal figure have to find time for regular fitness workouts. To improve muscle tone in the gym, and at home.

Physical activity for correction

Many girls are constantly delaying the start of the gym due to busy work and endless household chores. Actually, it’s just excuses: to maintain muscle tone a lot of time is not necessary. It is sufficient to allocate 15-20 minutes per day for morning exercises or evening training. And even in the fitness center heading optional: to successfully strengthen the muscles without leaving the house. With regular exercises the first positive results will appear after a month. And if the first will not be easy, it very soon increased physical activity will become a habit and will become an integral part of life.

What can you do to get yourself in shape without special equipment and the help of a coach? Here are a few simple recommendations:

  • Perform daily complex of simple physical exercises. These exercises are practiced at home, do not require auxiliary equipment and only take about 20 minutes. Exercises you can do morning exercise or at any time during the day.
  • Combine exercises at home with proper nutrition. A balanced diet provides the body with necessary nutrients to produce energy, build muscle tissue and normal course of metabolic processes. With proper nutrition workout give the best result and the body recovers quickly after physical exertion. While working to build muscle should eat a lot of protein. Because proteins, but rather forming amino acids, serve as building material for structural components of muscle tissue.
  • Sedentary work periodically warm up. It is advisable to do simple stretching exercises every 2-3 hours. This workout takes about five minutes.
  • Rarely use the lift and transport. Particularly useful lifts are the stairs: they are well tighten thighs and buttocks.
  • Change your attitude to homework. Treat it not as an annoying duty, but as another opportunity to burn calories and giving muscles additional load. Remember that in just over an hour easy cleaning spent 3 kcal per kilogram of body weight.
  • The weekend highlight at least 2-3 hours for aerobic exercise in addition to daily gymnastics. It will accelerate weight loss, improve overall stamina and increase muscle tone. Any physical activity that brings pleasure: long walks, Cycling, swimming, dancing, playing sports.
  • In severe overweight and neglected problem areas, you may need the assistance of a personal trainer, special training programme and regular visits to the gym.

    A set of exercises at home

    These exercises will help to bring the muscle tone in just one month of classes:

    • Lie on your back, having spread under her Mat for fitness. Bend your legs and slightly spread them apart. Upper limb right behind his head. Three minutes lie down completely relaxed.
    • With a quick movement, assume a sitting position, with arms extended leave over the head. Even more stretch and fix the position for two minutes.
    • Again down on your back and place bent arms under his head. Feet put on the floor and join your knees. Then straighten the legs so that the feet raised above the floor at an angle of 45 degrees. Hold the legs in the air and put it on the Mat. Repeat a few times.
    • Here, the original position practically duplicates the previous exercise, only the right sock put on left knee. One hand (left) leave the head and the other lower on the abdomen. Now gradually raise your head with a turn in the right direction. After a few repetitions, switch hands and feet, repeat the exercise.
    • Sit with buttocks on the edge of the Mat, and embracing my knees, pull them as close to the chest. Roll over it’s necessary on your back, moving the weight to the shoulder girdle and the occipital region. With effort, rynkowym movement, again assume a sitting position. While toes touch the Mat. Repeat an arbitrary number of times (until you get tired).
    • Lie on your stomach, folding his hands in front of face. Lift your pelvis, leaning on her hands and knees. Bend harder. Do at least five repetitions.
    • Lying on his stomach, most widely spread to the sides and upper and lower limbs. Lift the upper part of the body. Over time, the improvement of the flexibility, try not to simply sit up, but a good SAG in the back.
    • Relax, repeating the first exercise of the complex.

    Despite its simplicity, these exercises at home are well-toned torso from top to bottom, from head to foot. They can allow the muscles to tone and tighten the figure in just 1-2 months.

    Exercises in sedentary work: exercises in the office

    To maintain the figure in shape and prevent diseases of sedentary lifestyle, it is recommended to exercise on the job:

    • Sitting on a chair, connect the foot. Standing with my heels on the floor, lift socks. This simple exercise strengthens the calf and stimulates circulation in the legs. It has to be repeated at least 50 times.
    • Change socks and heel roles: now the socks are on the floor and your heels go up.
    • Continuing to sit on the chair with a force tighten your buttocks. Relax. Make 30 reps.
    • Pull in the belly, trying as hard as possible to strain your abdominal muscles. Inhale. Then exhale and continue to keep the stress state of the stomach in about three seconds. Relax. Repeat 15 times.
    • Now for the spinal muscles: reduce and dilute the scapula. Make 30 reps.
    • Firmly squeeze into fists brush — 50-60 reps.

    This set of exercises recommended to perform 2-3 times a day in uniform intervals (every 2-3 hours). After 1-2 weeks, it will become a habit. And in the beginning it is better to put on your laptop or smartphone is a reminder that it’s time to warm up.

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