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Exercise program for weight loss: fitnes-tips for girls

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Exercise program for weight loss: fitnes-tips for girls

The contents

  • Components of a successful fitness
  • Diet during training
  • The basics of proper training
  • What exercises should include the training program?
  • Sample training program for a week

Everyone knows that to shed some pounds off, you need an effective workout and diet. However, deciding to finally lose weight and go to the gym, most girls don’t know where to start, and are afraid to look stupid. And often this idea remains unrealized. Such indecision does not become a barrier to improving your body, you need to prepare and draw up a training program on fitness.

Components of a successful fitness

To improve the effectiveness of exercise in the gym, and the classes were fun, we need 2 main components:

  • The right attitude to training.

No need to treat occupations as to the duties and to exercise in the fitness club “through force”. Training in the gym should be a hobby. If you engage in a good mood you love, the extra pounds will leave faster.

  • Beautiful and comfortable clothes.

Even during sports girl needs to look irresistible. Stretched and long out of fashion tracksuit to make it fail. And therefore it is better to buy a beautiful suit, well flattering, where you can monitor the result of their training. If the ideal figure so far away, it will be an incentive to make it better. In any case, clothing should be like, not push, to be comfortable and made of natural fabrics. Of shoes suitable light sneakers.

Having a bright costume and a positive mood you can go to the gym to achieve results.

Diet during training

For weight loss one fitness will not be enough. You also need to follow basic rules of diet:

  • eating small meals;
  • to exclude fried, flour, sweet and fatty;
  • do not consume alcohol;
  • to reduce the consumption of salt;
  • sugar to replace honey, and sweets — dried fruits;
  • eat more vegetables and fruits;
  • to include in the diet of low-fat dairy products;
  • do not eat before going to sleep, and 1.5 hours before and after a workout;
  • avoid snacking;
  • give preference to protein food;
  • drink plenty of clean water.

This diet will make training more effective.

The basics of proper training

Fitness does not tolerate haste. And because the load must be introduced gradually. In the first week you can do every 3 days. This will help the muscles to get used to. Further training shall be conducted at least every other day.

Burn fat promote more cardio. And strength exercises designed to tighten and elastic, make body parts with which the “left” of extra fat. You can combine them in one workout, or alternate every other day.

Before you begin to perform the basic exercises needed to warm up. It can be sit-UPS, tilts, swings and lunges. This will prevent injuries and reduce symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness. In order for the body to adapt more quickly to stress, you need to practice regularly, at the same time.

What exercises should include the training program?

For cardio in the health club usually there are simulators:

  • elliptical;
  • bike;
  • treadmill.

In addition, free gym days, you can do Jogging, speed walking, swimming, dancing, aerobics. These classes should last at least an hour, because the fat will start to burn no earlier than 20 minutes after the start of vigorous exercise.

Weight training affect muscle, improve metabolism, promote fat burning even after your workout. Fitness classes for girls are different from men the fact that for one training need to work over the entire body. Men can train arms, chest, back, legs on different days.

Strength training uses dumbbells, barbell, block machines, resistance bands, flat and incline bench, the simulator “butterfly”. Uses techniques such as deadlifts, presses, squats, pushups, lunges, breeding hands, twisting. Weight need to choose depending on their physical fitness. It must be so in order to follow the correct technique and the last couple of reps were done with effort. As you strengthen the muscles, the weight should be increased.

Sample training program for a week

To increase the effectiveness of training need to train a superseries. They involve the execution of several exercises in a row on different muscle groups, without a break. The lesson should include at least 2-3 of the summit series that run in 4 sets. Repeat each exercise for 15-20 times.

So, if you train three times a week, it is suitable for beginners the following program.

  • Monday.

Super series 1: squats + the leg curl on the machine + reduction of the legs in the simulator.

2 super series: thrust block simulator on top + reverse dips + pull block of the simulator below.

3 super series: lunges with dumbbells + lifting dumbbells on a biceps + hyperextension.

  • Environment.

1 super series: lifting dumbbells on incline bench + straightening your arms on a block simulator + lifting dumbbells standing + flexion and extension dumbbell.

Super series 2: deadlifts, wide of foot + bench in exercise equipment for legs + raising the legs in the simulator.

  • Friday.

Super series 1: lunges with the bar + leg extension in the simulator + the splaying of the legs at the crossover.

Super series 2: bench press Arnold + the stretching and bending of hands with dumbbells over head + hammers.

3 super series: hyperextension + flexion of the legs in the simulator + deadlifts.

Each training day should conclude by twisting the press — at least 30 times, using different techniques (lifting your legs, lift upper body, turning hips, etc.).

Receptions, sports equipment and trainers in the program can be changed to equivalent. Regular exercise and diet will help to solve the problem of excess weight and the result will be noticeable within a few weeks. If not to be lazy and make fitness part of their lifestyle, it is possible to gain a perfect figure and good health.

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