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Exercise on the elliptical trainer at home

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Exercise on the elliptical trainer at home
The contents

  • Features and benefits of physical activity on the ellipsoid
  • The types of elliptical trainers for fitness training
  • The nuances of pear for home fitness

Elliptical trainer is effective and affordable sports equipment with which the body is aerobic exercise. Such simulators exist in all modern fitness rooms. In addition, sports stores offers a wide range of ellipsoids, among which you can select the most suitable simulator for use in home fitness training.

Features and benefits of physical activity on the ellipsoid

The principle of operation of sports cars, the pedals which move along the path resembling an ellipse, based on the simulation of several types of motor activity: running and walking — classic skiing and the stairs. Working on this simulator, you can have on the body effective physical activity of aerobic character. And cardio, in turn, induce the following positive changes in the human body:

  • strengthening the muscles of the heart and blood vessels, which leads to improvement of the entire circulatory system;
  • develops respiratory system, increases lung capacity;
  • the body is saturated with oxygen, and since the latter is the main catalyst of all processes in the body, the increase of oxygen concentration leads to an acceleration of metabolism;
  • burned a lot of calories due to the high energy consumption of the gym on the ellipsoid. Working on this simulator for 60 minutes, you can spend up to 800 calories, depending on individual metabolic rates and body mass;
  • improving physical capabilities of the body, like endurance and coordination;
  • strengthen major muscle groups;
  • increases the functionality of the joint and ligamentous apparatus.
  • is preventative for many dysfunctions in the body associated with lack of exercise, and diseases such as diabetes, varicose veins, hypotension, and hypertension;
  • normal cholesterol levels;
  • improves psycho-emotional state, disappear trouble sleeping;
  • increase immunity, stress resistance and performance.

The types of elliptical trainers for fitness training

There are three types of elliptical machines fitness:

  • Trainer with stationary handles.

In such ellipsoids only move the pedal, describing a trajectory resembling an oval. Accordingly, all physical narutopedia on the muscles of the legs, but the work involved and the core muscles, including abs. The muscles of the upper part of the body is left unattended.

  • The cross trainer.

These sportsmachine equipped with moveable pedals and handrails, which allows during the fitness treerowreference equally to engage the lower and upper part of the body.

  • Glider.

Cardio machine in which the pedals move not in a horizontal and in a vertical plane up and down with a slight slope back. During fitness trenirovochno glider, you can work only the quads, gluteal muscles and tendons located in the knee joints.

Elliptical trainers differ in the following parameters:

  • the location of the drive — the main driving mechanism. It can be front, rear or center. Virtually all modern models of ellipsoids drive is located in the center;
  • the ability to adjust the roller ramps. This feature allows you to change the angle of the pedals, thus creating additional resistance during fitness classes;
  • additional functionality, such as meters race distance, number of steps and calories burned, and heart rate monitor. The presence of these features increases the cost of the simulator, but does fitness training with its use as comfortable as possible.

The nuances of pear for home fitness

Choosing the right model elliptical machines with the aim of providing effective physical exercise in home, you need to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • the weight of the machine.

Lightweight models are more suitable for children and slender women. But if it is assumed that such equipment will work for people of large stature or overweight, you should choose a hard ellipsoid model;

  • dimensions.

This is an important and often a fundamental criterion which influences the choice of elliptical trainer for the home. In small urban apartments, the size of the sport equipment plays a key role. However, choosing the compact model, it is still necessary to pay attention to important parameters such as the conformity of the equipment with growth and, therefore, the width of the step. Only with the optimal ratio of set parameters of physical nagruzka ellipsoid will be effective and safe;

  • the mass of the flywheel.

The weight of the drive mechanism depends on the smoothness of the pedals and overall comfort when working on the simulator. If the mass of the flywheel is small, the movement of the pedals can be jerks. Typically, models with a heavier flywheel are more expensive than ellipsoids with a small mass of the drive mechanism;

  • the location of the flywheel.

and zentraldeponie models of elliptical machines usually smaller in size than those in which the flywheel is to the rear. Also rear-wheel drive models have a greater distance between the pedals that matters, if in exercising overweight and curvy hips, the inner surface which will RUB against each other during physical activity, thereby creating discomfort;

  • the length of the step.

From this design parameter affects the comfort when working on the elliptical trainer. Usually budget models have a fixed width of the step, which is only suitable for people with average height (165 cm). Tall people with long legs it is recommended to choose trainers with adjustable stride length to classes of panesample comfortable and productive;

  • capacity.

This technical feature stated in the instructions to the equipment. When you select suitable model you need to focus on the fact that weight training should be 10-15 kg less than the maximum capacity of the simulator.

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