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Exercise for weight loss: the complex for each day

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Exercise for weight loss: the complex for each day

Exercise for weight loss complex every day, which helps to get rid of excess fat, a month after the beginning of the training. Only 10-20 minutes of simple physical exercises will help to burn excess fat and keep yourself in good shape.

Immediately it is worth noting that exercise each day for weight loss it is recommended to run in the morning – this will help not only to Wake up, but cheerfulness for the whole day. Moreover, exercise helps to improve health. For maximum effect exercise should be done directly before Breakfast.

Warm-up before morning exercise

Physical exercises for weight loss should start with the so-called “wave”. For this exercise, the feet should be placed shoulder width apart, hands to separate the sides, and then to move them, mimicking the wave. It is important to properly and smoothly transmit motion from one hand to the other, utilizing the muscles of the back and shoulders. Exercise should be performed no more than 2-3 minutes.

After the “wave” you can navigate to tilts left and right, 12-14 repetitions will be sufficient. To complete the warm-up it is recommended that smooth flexion of the legs at the knees. These exercises will help to warm up the muscles for further fitness training.

Basic exercises for weight loss

After warm-up it is recommended to perform a rotation of the pelvis in both directions, straining all the muscles of the abdomen, 12-14 repetitions will be sufficient. After that, go to the sit-UPS, hands folded in the region of the press. During the exercise the legs should be bent at the knees, Contracting the abdominal muscles. Lifting, you can relax.

Next you need to get on all fours, inhale deeply and bend. Pushing the shoulders and chest out, bend, suck in your stomach, head bowed. Exercises to perform up to 12 times, moving in accordance with respiration. Then, without leaving the original position, perform a bent leg, supporting her weight. The knee should touch the tip of the nose. Over time, this difficult exercise will not be straightforward.

The final stage of training

For the last exercise you need to stand up straight, take a deep breath, raise your arms and pull on the toes, pulling the stomach and straining the muscles of the hips. To stand on feet and hands down should be on the exhalation. This exercise should be repeated up to 6 times.

Complex gymnastic exercises for weight loss you can perform from the comfort of home. For maximum results it is recommended to carefully follow the diet, get rid of bad habits and lead a healthy lifestyle. Just 20 minutes in the beginning of the day will not only lose weight but also energize the whole day. A month after the start of classes you will be able to boast of dropped pounds!

Morning exercise for weight loss

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