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Exercise for stomach for men: fitness lose weight

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Exercise for stomach for men: fitness lose weight

The contents

  • The causes of the “beer belly” in men
  • How to get rid of belly and sides: fitness training and proper nutrition
  • Fitness classes in the gym and at home
  • Fitness exercise for working through the press for men

Taut torso with raised pressure is the dream of many men. After all, athletic figure always attracts the opposite sex. If you have accumulated excess fat in the abdomen and sides to get rid of it will help only comprehensive work on yourself. Different diets and medicines will not give the desired result and can even damage your health. The basis of success in the process of losing weight and shaping the coveted pack abs are regular fitness training, quitting bad habits and eating healthy.

The causes of the “beer belly” in men

  • An improper diet. Fast food, oily fried foods, meats, flour products, and overeating — all this leads to disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract, the consequence of which is often obesity.
  • Lack of physical activity. Sedentary work, weekends on the sofa — the key to the emergence of excess fat on my stomach and sides. Due to the sedentary lifestyle and lack of any fitness load weight is typed with rapid speed.
  • Genetic predisposition and chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes mellitus). In this case, to achieve the slimness of the athlete will fail, but regular fitness will help control weight and make a figure proportional.
  • Bad habits. Tobacco and alcohol have a direct impact on the whole body.

How to get rid of belly and sides: fitness training and proper nutrition

The key to success in getting rid of fat folds on the abdomen and flanks is a complex approach. If you stick to any diet and ignore the fitness classes, the belly fat will decrease, but the attractiveness of your appearance it will not add. All you get is flabby muscles and sagging skin. Because fitness training is a mandatory aspect in the solution of this problem. Thus, there is no need to starve yourself, just stick to the basic principles of a healthy balanced diet.

  • Eliminate from the diet frankly unhealthy foods, fatty foods and simple carbohydrates. Preference for vegetables, fruits, cereals, chicken, Turkey and beef.
  • Drink plenty of pure water. Suitable mineral without gas or purified.
  • Exclude strong tea, coffee, soda and store-bought packaged juices — they contain a lot of sugar.
  • Abstain from alcohol and cigarettes.

Adhering to these simple guidelines and performing regular fitness workout, you will notice a significant change in shape after a couple of weeks. Moreover, such a regime will have a positive impact on overall health.

Fitness classes in the gym and at home

If you want to get rid of “beer belly” and pull the figure overall, giving muscle relief, fitness classes at the gym is a great option. A professional coach will help you to develop an individual program of fitness training based on your physical data. In addition, under the guidance of an experienced instructor you will quickly be able to master proper technique in performing a fitness exercise and to choose the optimal weight for fitness equipment. And presence in the gym more trained athletes will serve as an additional motivation to the classroom.

If for any reason you have no possibility to visit sports club, you can organize the fitness training at home (or on the Playground in the yard). For the home workout you will need:

  • Comfortable clothing that won’t inhibit movement, sweat-absorbent and well air-permeable.
  • Some sports equipment: dumbbells, yoga Mat.
  • Free time and spacious room.

Conduct home fitness, you can at any time convenient for you — morning or evening after work. The main thing is consistency and focus on results. If you’re lazy and skip a scheduled fitness training, the desired result of your efforts will bring.

Fitness exercise for working through the press for men

Each fitness workout should begin with a warm up and end with a hitch. As a warm-up suit Jogging (in the stadium, on the site of the stairs), jumping rope, any rhythmic dance movements to the music. The hitch shall consist of fitness exercises designed to stretch — they will help to relax your muscles after a heavy load and will contribute to their recovery.

  • Classic twisting.

Performed from the supine position, feet hip distance apart and bent at the knees. Feet firmly on the floor, hands on nape. Strong, but not sharp movement, you have to tear the upper part of the torso from the floor and pulled the chest to the knees. The lower back during execution of this exercise should be densely pressed to a floor surface. The movement is performed only by the abdominal muscles.

  • Side twisting.

Original position as in the previous fitness exercise. Twisting is performed in the direction — that is, when lifting the shoulder Department you need to try to reach the elbow to the knee of the opposite leg.

  • The leg lifts.

Performed from a prone position on her back, arms stretched along the body, feet together. Force the abdominal muscles to raise the legs together close to a right angle with the floor surface. Fulfilling this element of fitness, lower the legs to smoothly controlling the movement of the abdominal muscles.

  • Lifts arms and legs.

Initial position — lying on his back. Arms at sides, legs together and raised perpendicular to the torso. With a deep exhalation it is necessary to detach the shoulder Department and hands off the floor, trying with his fingers to reach the stop. Performing a fitness exercise, do not make sudden movements — this may cause sprains of muscles, especially if you have not engaged in physical activity.

  • Strap.

One of the most effective fitness exercises to work out the abdominal muscles, hips, buttocks, back and arms. Runs from down on the floor (like push UPS). The body should form a straight line, the emphasis is on hands or elbows and toes. Performing a fitness exercise, be careful to avoid deflections in the lower back. In the position of the straps need to hold at least 30 seconds, each week increasing the time by 15 seconds.

These basic exercise will help you to quickly lose excessive fat on belly and sides and give your figure a slimmer and firmer. New to the fitness world should not be too zealous and train to exhaustion. Enough to run 2-3 set exercises, 12-15 repetitions each. After two or three weeks, you can add weights and perform exercises with dumbbells in the hands.

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