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Exercise for muscle gain

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Exercise for muscle gain
The contents

  • Fitness program for a week
  • Cardio
  • Power physical activity
  • Food rules
  • Adaptation of the program for themselves

Task many beginners and professional bodybuilders is the simultaneous getting rid of excess fat and building muscle. The difficulty here is that visionscience and nutrition rules to achieve these goals, the opposite. The fight against overweight and excess body fat requires a lot of cardio and low calorie diet. To increase the same muscles to the extent necessary strength training, low external load, and a lot of food, especially protein. To combine these two objectives, we should find a mutual compromise and to work in both directions, given the peculiarities of the functioning of the body.

Fitness program for a week

Performing dual tasks requires an extreme approach to physical exercise, therefore the following program is designed for experienced athletes and even professionals. Such training would combine exercises to burn fat, reshaping and weight. As for the food, then to achieve the result it is important to create a situation of stress for the body, alternating between overeating and malnutrition.

Following a fitness program designed for 1 week, after which all actions should be performed in a cycle:

  • 1-day — guide cardio moderate in the first half of the day, the evening will complete the security training;
  • 2nd day — at a time convenient to swipe aerobic exercise of high intensity;
  • 3rd day — plan review loads of the first day;
  • 4th day — at any time of the day high intensity cardio;
  • 5th day-morning take aerobic load, and in the evening to work on the creation of relief by using the weights;
  • 6-day — guide cardio high intensity at any time, the diet on this day to maintain existing weight;
  • The 7th day is a rest day from exercise, diet is the same as the previous day.


Aerobic Fizicheskaya provides effective fat loss and therefore must be conducted from three to six times a week. Should be cardio of varying intensity and duration:

  • In the days of power training fitness, the frequency of which is about 3 times a week should be provided on the body also long-term aerobic exercise. It can be walking on incline for 45-60 minutes.
  • Cardio high intensity are days off the gym around three times a week. At this time you can jog in the Park, on a treadmill or ride a bike.
  • A week are recommended no more than three aerobic exercises of high intensity and the same moderate. At an average speed of metabolic processes can be quite only three high-intensity cardio, and high — one or two.

    Power physical activity

    Strength training is an important and even major part of the program for building muscle mass. In this case much more important is the timing and regularity of sessions than exactly what exercises you will perform.

    For weight increase and fat-burning power physical exercise must be for a period in the afternoon or early evening. This will help in burning fat throughout the day provided that the food at this time will be low-calorie.

    Also strength exercises are recommended to carry no more than 6 hours of sleep. After this training you should eat well to replenish glycogen stores and help protein synthesis. If you conduct these activities very early on, the process of fat burning will be inhibited.

    The terrain needs to happen three times a week with regularity through the day. During these sessions, you should perform basic exercises multiple muscle groups for better stimulation of their growth.

    Food rules

    To simultaneously achieve conflicting objectives such as losing weight and building mass, it is important to make your diet. Ideally, the diet should consist of two phases, radically differing in caloric content.

    Eat foods low in carbohydrates and, therefore, calories should be in the days when strength training and during the first half of the day, when it is. The total caloric intake can be calculated by multiplying your body weight by 12, it needs to consist of half protein, one-third from fats and include only 20% carbohydrates.

    High carbohydrate food should be used exclusively in the days of strength training. In this case, the diet should be almost 2 times high-calorie, and the distribution of macro-follows: 75% are carbohydrates, 20% proteins and 5% fats.

    Weekend free from training should support the existing weight of the body through diet. Caloric intake in this case is calculated as the product of 15 and the weight of his own body, and the distribution of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is the same as in the low-carb phase.

    Adaptation of the program for themselves

    Described fitness program is not universal and suitable for everyone. It works well for people whose rate of metabolism is average, and those who do not have excessive amounts of excess fat or strong chugoshvili.

    To determine whether this program is right for you, you should from time to time to weigh in. If your body weight decreases, it may be due to the fact that the diet during the first phase you have a pretty scarce. In this case, you should increase the calories or decrease the amount of training for weight loss.

    Persistently practicing in the above program, you can get good and stable effect, but over time its effect will be reduced. In this case, it is recommended to continue using other, more narrowly focused program, including base and insulating the fitness exercises for different muscle groups.

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