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Exercise for health: current recommendations

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Exercise for health: current recommendations

Not all adherents of a healthy lifestyle know that the world health organization gathered in one document a number of useful information on the issue of the required number of sports for people of all ages. On the development of a “Global recommendations on physical activity for health” worked by a competent and qualified professionals. Therefore, the main provisions of this document should read all before moving on to planning your weekly physical activity.

Who recommends

To maintain satisfactory physical condition, people aged 18-64 years have each week to spend at least two and a half hours of aerobic exercise of medium intensity. Increasing the level of activity makes it possible to reduce the total time of weekly classes to 75 minutes. The who notes that novice fitness buff should go from medium to high loads smoothly and gradually. The recommended duration of a single workout – not less than ten minutes.

Those who wish to enhance therapeutic effect, suggest to do longer: total (week) time of exercise of medium intensity needs to be increased to five, and high – up to two and a half hours.

According to experts, strength training to work out the major muscle groups will benefit if they take place at least twice a week.

All of the above fits and people over 65. But in this age of health might not allow you to work out a posited norm. Then exercise have their limits.

The who recommended load significantly strengthens the cardiac system and musculoskeletal system, strengthens the lungs, increases body resistance, and allows you to overcome depressive mood.

Advice for health promotion from ACSM

The American College of Sports Medicine is another competent organization in matters of influence of physical exercises on health and wellbeing. Following the recommendations of College adults to adhere to the following schedule activity: at least an hour of daily moderate intensity exercise at least three workouts of high intensity (75 minutes) a week, strength training twice a week or more, additional exercises for coordination and flexibility.

The ACSM indicates that even partial implementation of such a complex will bring health benefits and promote disease resistance.

The recommendations of the Finnish centre sports

Scientists from Finland, developed by the famous two-kilometer walk test, insist on the need for fractional ten-minute aerobic workouts for a total duration of two and a half hours a week. When switching to loads of high intensity, the total time can be reduced to one hour and a quarter. Also compulsory training to strengthen the bones and muscles: weight lifting, running, jumping.

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