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Exercise for a healthy mind

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Exercise for a healthy mind
The contents

  • Yoga and the human psyche
  • Pilates: fitness for normal sleep
  • Cycling and positive emotions
  • Dumbbells to improve brain activity
  • Healthy mind with tai Chi

Probably, there is little doubt that moderate exercise is good for everyone’s health and his psyche. Sport improves mood and helps to cope with stress. Unfortunately, not all of us have the ability to afford professional sports. Many is no free time nor money. However, there are several types of fitness that will give positive emotions and will help to maintain the health of the psyche without special financial expenses. About them now and tell.

Yoga and the human psyche

There is a belief that people doing yoga for a long time, almost always in the so-called state of Zen. And this is not myth, because these claims have scientific proof. It turns out that yoga increase the content in human brain GABA. This neurotransmitter is responsible for the process inhibition, and also helps to reduce anxiety, into calm and relaxed state.

Doctors from the University of Boston conducted an interesting investigation. The experiment involved two groups of volunteers, who have carried out different physical exercises: one was prescribed yoga, and others by foot. Scientific experiment lasted three months, during which the participants trained three times a week, performing the necessary exercises for one hour.

After reviewing the results of these studies, the scientists found that the content of GABA in people involved in yoga, rose more than the volunteers from the other group. It was reflected also on the psychological state of the psyche of people doing yoga, some time to become sustainable, the level of anxiety decreased and positive emotions, on the contrary, increased.

By the way, if you want to learn yoga, you don’t always need to look for a Studio and trainer. Nowadays in the Internet you can find a large number of video tutorials. And then just have to buy a Mat and find time for training. Sometimes, in order to the human psyche returned to normal, it is enough to replace the yoga morning exercises.

Pilates: fitness for normal sleep

Pilates can help a person learn how to relax and regulate sleep patterns. In the experiment a group of scientists from America, one group of athletes engaged in this type of fitness once every seven days, two hours and a half, the other twice a week for half an hour, and the third to three times an hour. The study lasted about four months, and after participating in it, told people how changed their mentality and how things are going with the psychological mood and sleep.

In the experiment, the scientists found that people who are actively involved in this activity, I learned to fully relax and behave more consciously and began to take greater control of their own emotions. After regular training, they have normal sleep, people have less to suffer from insomnia.

According to scientists, a beneficial effect of Pilates on sleep quality and the ability to fully relax due to the fact that such lessons are taught to concentrate, to breathe correctly and to control the reactions of his own body.

Also, as with yoga, Pilates will simply need to find a suitable training video in the network and to allocate time.

Cycling and positive emotions

Summer is long gone, but to find an opportunity for Cycling can be in other times of the year. Besides, scientists say that this sport helps a person to feel refreshed and to cope with the constant fatigue. In one study, a group of volunteers who previously complained of chronic fatigue, in a continuation of six weeks regularly (three times a week for half an hour) worked on Cycling simulators. One group of volunteers turned the pedals at a moderate speed, and the other in a calm pace. Participated in this experiment another group — the control group, members of which during training was engaged at the gym, pedaling slowly.

The studies revealed that participants working in the gym with low and middle speed, cheerfulness markedly increased. Besides a surge of energy felt after every class. As for chronic fatigue, it became less of a group of participants, which turned the Bicycle at a slow, walking pace. In addition, the change became visible only towards the end of the first month of classes. So when you need to get an instant energy boost, can suffice for short trips on the bike. Well, if you want to constantly feel energetic, will require regular, but not too intense workout.

Dumbbells to improve brain activity

Had difficulties with concentration and consideration? In some situations in order to improve the activity of the brain, there is no need all day long doing crossword puzzles, and learning foreign languages. Can help simple weight training using small weights, for example dumbbells 2-3 kg. To do the exercises while seated or in a standing position.

A month later, with the first day of the experiment, the participants were much more successful to cope with tasks that required a retentive memory and good concentration. The human psyche has also become more stable. By the way, this kind of physical activity available to both youth and older age. Therefore, purchase dumbbells, pick the right training on the Internet and forward — train the brain and muscles.

Healthy mind with tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese practice, based, as one of the forms of martial arts. Currently, however, this exercises for healing the body, the result of which is a healthy psyche, the development of awareness and increasing the stress resistance of the organism. Tai Chi at first glance — slow dance, but in reality it is a meditation technique that is executed through movements.

The participants of the studies, in which determine the performance of Chinese practice, in the space of three months, twice a week attended training, which was done in a half hour.

Besides the fact that the human psyche after class becomes stronger, the people practicing tai Chi, learn an important principle of this technique is the ability to properly respond to a stressful situation. This is not to say that in stressful situations they don’t feel negative emotions. Just such people are not subject to feelings of panic or fear, and focus on your body’s responses. For performing tai Chi does not require special preparation, so doing this is possible regardless of age. And as assistants, again, to use videos from the Internet.

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