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Exercise equipment for weight loss: simple tools and cardio machines

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Exercise equipment for weight loss: simple tools and cardio machines

The contents

  • Weight loss with simple sports equipment
  • Best cardio machines for weight loss
  • Nutrition for weight loss

Grueling diets can hurt the body. In addition, the effect of such events is often short. What is more useful is to engage in aerobic cardio. The diet should be correct, but without hard constraints. In this article, we suggest you review the efficacy of popular cardio equipment and sports equipment for weight loss whole body.

Weight loss with simple sports equipment

If you have no possibility to visit fitness club, we recommend you to purchase a simple sports equipment, with which you will be able to get rid of excess weight, without leaving home.

  • Jump rope.

This shell is familiar to all from school physical education lessons. With all its simplicity, jumping rope are great cardiorespiratory training. As a result, numerous studies have shown that losing weight on the rope is not less effective than the subcutaneous fat by means of racing classes. Experts estimate that 10 minutes of active use jump ropes allow the athlete to burn as many calories as he expends, with 20 minutes of intense running. The bulk of the load while jumping get core muscles and lower leg. Also strengthens back muscles, helps to get rid of stoop in the shoulders;

  • Hoop.

Even if you never did gymnastics, this sport shell you just know. A simple plastic wrap can be used not only in children’s training. Torsion of the Hoop is also suitable for the muscles of waist and burning extra pounds. The effectiveness of such training for weight loss is based on the inclusion of the work the major muscles of the body and energetic movements. However, if you buy a special weighted hula Hoop with massage spikes, the effectiveness of training will increase significantly;

  • The fitness ball.

Training with big balls are very popular among fitness enthusiasts. There are entire areas based on exercises with a fitball. The advantage of this projectile lies in its versatility. With the ball it is possible to conduct high speed training has a positive impact on weight loss. In addition, the fitness ball can be used to improve the elasticity of the vertebrae and in children’s workshops.

If you want to speed up the burning of subcutaneous fat, we recommend you to add at home workouts using presented shells 2-3 strength exercises. For example, push-UPS, lunges or jumping burpee. In addition, you can additionally purchase light dumbbells and bodybar. The sports equipment increases the load on the muscles of the body and help to lose weight faster.

Best cardio machines for weight loss

Now, let’s consider what the most effective cardio for weight loss.

  • Treadmill.

The most popular simulator. It is used to warm up, and as individual training. Thus a mistake to assume that the shell can only run. There are a whole set of exercises to effectively lose excess weight and strengthen the muscles of the body using a treadmill;

  • Stepper.

This machine is famous for the fact that loads of the muscles of the thighs and buttocks without long Jogging sessions. Moving on the stepper, the athlete simulates climbing stairs. While the muscles of the legs and buttocks are constantly working against the resistance of the pedals. This kind of training, actively consumes calories and helps to lose weight;

  • Bike.

This machine is accented with loads of leg muscles. Indirect load also get a press and spin. The advantage of training on a stationary bike is the ability to speed up the metabolic processes in the body, which positively affects weight loss of the body. In addition, Cycling makes me strengthen the heart, making the athlete more durable;

  • Orbitrek (ellipsoid).

The advantage of elliptical trainer is the elaboration of the whole body. While driving on the ellipsoid included in the work of the hands, shoulders, back, abs, legs. It contributes to the efficient expenditure of calories and strengthening muscular frame. In addition, this simulator allows you to change the load not only with a computer, as well as by changes in body position.

To sum up. If you want accented work the muscles in your legs and butt while burning calories, exercise on a stepper, an exercise bike or a treadmill. If you have decided to comprehensively study the body and quickly lose weight, we recommend you to train on the ellipsoid. Note that the elliptical compares favorably with the treadmill that does not create shock loads on the knees and spine. It is worth to consider if you have a problem with musculoskeletal disorders.

Nutrition for weight loss

The slimming process includes not only aerobic exercise. You need to nutrition for weight loss consistent with the objectives of the training. This means that the body must receive all necessary substances, but in certain quantities. With intense sports it is not recommended to be on a strict diet.

  • Protein foods (lean meat, poultry, eggs, fish, low fat cheese, legumes).

Proteins are essential to all athletes wishing to lose weight. They are responsible for the feeling of satiety and help maintain the metabolism at a high level. In addition, protein is necessary for tissue repair of the body;

  • Fats (unrefined vegetable oils, nuts, fish oil, marine fish, natural cheese).

Healthy fats must be present in diet for weight loss. In the body fatty acids are involved in many important processes, for example, in strengthening the walls of blood vessels and reduce bad cholesterol;

  • Carbohydrates (cereals, pasta from durum wheat, fruits).

Carbohydrate foods also cannot be ruled out completely from food. Otherwise, the athlete has enough strength and energy to training. Nutritionists recommend gradually reduce the intake of carbohydrates.

Food for weight loss should be balanced. We recommend the following ratio of substances in the diet: a 30% complex carbohydrates and 50% lean proteins and 20% healthy fats. Adhering to the above balance in the diet, the athlete will be able to burn fat without feeling hungry.

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