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Exercise equipment for weight loss at the gym and at home

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Exercise equipment for weight loss at the gym and at home
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  • Effective weight loss with exercise machines
  • Exercise equipment for weight loss at the gym
  • Home exercise equipment for weight loss

If you have a goal weight, the next step is to define the simulator that will best help you achieve the desired. It can be both cardio and weight — it all depends on your physique, preferences and wishes.

Effective weight loss with exercise machines

To start losing weight is possible without the use of simulators, for example, going out daily for a run. However, this option is not always convenient due to weather conditions or daily routine. This is what makes people to think about buying sports equipment for your home at a convenient time for them. Some people feel more comfortable training in the gym, someone lacks motivation for home training, so the weight loss gym is a good alternative.

Before you start to lose weight, you should decide what physical activity to achieve this goal is right for you. Someone intense cardio can cause muscle mass gain, which will increase the volume of the body, thus light weight training can be perceived well. Therefore, in each specific case it is necessary to consider the personal characteristics of a person, the structure of his body and the body’s response to the load.

In addition to sessions on the selected simulator, effective weight loss is also achieved by proper diet and nutrition, in fast carbohydrates, fast food and processed foods. An important role is also played by a full 9-hour sleep and maintaining an active lifestyle when all free time is spent in.

Exercise equipment for weight loss at the gym

Most people weight loss comes as a result of active sessions on the cardio machines, which are present in every room. For home use these shells are quite suitable, but in view of the considerable cost and large size, not all are willing to put in the apartment like unit.

Effective cardio machines for weight loss are:

  • Treadmill.

On the right is the best exercise for gaining slimness, but at the same time the most cumbersome to embed at home. For personal use has been specially designed in compact foldable models that are somewhat inferior in functionality professional. Every workout on this shell to start and finish need a quick walk, and when you transition to running, you can gradually increase the speed. Often, such a simulator is also governed by the angle of the blade, which simulates uphill. A short daily jog will help to effectively, quickly and permanently lose weight, make you more energetic and fit. It is worth considering what to do on a treadmill is not recommended for people who have problems with joints and spine.

  • The elliptical machine.

Makes a worthy competition to the treadmill, so as to be engaged it is possible even for people with diseases of the spine, and in the course of the training involves all muscles of the body, which provides a more effective weight loss. Orbitrek is necessarily present in every room at home, you can purchase a compact folding option.

  • Bike.

Is a good shell to get rid of excess weight, but its main disadvantage is that it involves mainly the lower part of the body. Such exercises help tighten abdominal muscles, buttocks and legs, and enhance energy levels and strengthen the cardiovascular system. A problem in such exercises can be a permanent sitting position and detrimental to the spine. There are special models that address this question, which provides for a horizontal landing of the body.

  • Stepper.

Also includes in the bottom of the body, providing weight loss in the legs and buttocks. In this part of the body, increases circulation, burns fat, legs are elastic, with no signs of cellulite. A small trainer with his mini-copy specifically for home use. The disadvantage of this shell is that during the class overly stressed knee joints.

  • Trainer for rowing.

Very effective in the fight against excess body fat, especially good is the effect on visceral fat. It have high intensity and are not suitable for everyone, but adapting and doing all the movements smoothly, you can achieve a great effect. In the course of work on the simulator actively loaded muscles of the hips, abdominals, arms and back.

Home exercise equipment for weight loss

To achieve effective weight loss at home is quite possible, although this process will require several more time. Before purchasing a home trainer, be sure to think over what body part you would like to adjust the most. This must be done because each of the shells affects a specific part of the body.

Best exercise equipment for weight loss at home:

  • A hula Hoop will cope with the task of forming a slender waist and toned abdomen. To start training with them it is necessary gradually to avoid excessive delayed onset muscle soreness.
  • The exercise ball helps to work a lot of muscles of the body with a variety of exercises with it. Important the point that when you work with a stability ball are utilized also muscle-stabilizers.
  • The drive “Health” contributes to the formation of a thin waist, and develops the abdominal muscles and lower back, helps to maintain the health of the spine.
  • The expander helps to strengthen the muscles of arms, shoulders, and indirectly affects the muscles of the back and chest.
  • Dumbbell — an indispensable tool in reducing weight. Training with these weights allow you to quickly change the intensity of training, strengthen almost all muscles of the body. With dumbbells, you can come up with a good set of exercises, after which the muscles come in tone, the body will gain strength and the body relief.
  • Jump rope is a compact home cardio equipment when you work which involved many muscles of the body.
  • When choosing a trainer it is also important to rely on our own feelings. You need to experience any projectile, learn to regulate it and use the built-in programs.

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