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Exercise and healthy lifestyles — health in adulthood

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Exercise and healthy lifestyles — health in adulthood
The contents

  • How to maintain health, when age-related changes?
  • HLS needs to be integrated, then it will be effective
  • Exercises: home fitness

One of the harmful phenomena of the modern world is lack of exercise. Movement is life, when the body doesn’t move enough, it “rusts”. Simple and effective exercise accessible to everyone, at any age. Their benefit is that they disperse the blood through the body, forced to work the muscles and joints. When the body is working, its functions are maintained at the proper level.

How to maintain health, when age-related changes?

After 55 years the body’s functions begin to decline. Rather, their decline starts early, but initially it kompensiruet other physical properties. However, every year this process is becoming more noticeable.

What exactly happens in the body? Reduced intensity and efficiency of the brain, gradually deteriorating memory, reduced reaction time, makes it harder to remember necessary information, to learn something new.

How this can help? Need to purposefully train your brain to engage in mental activity to support brain function in working condition. By the way, best of all it helps to study foreign languages.

To help the brain and medication can, this should take drugs to improve the supply of blood vessels and memory.

The digestive system also undergoes age-related changes. Intestine becomes, as the doctors say, “lazy.” The reason is that in the gastrointestinal tract of elderly people have a deficiency of enzymes necessary for digestion and assimilation of food. Therefore, the digestive tract needs help establishing proper nutrition and encouraging active digestion.

The changes relate to musculoskeletal disorders, osteo-articular apparatus. Bones and joints appear age of transformation, they lose flexibility, become less mobile. What you can do in this case? To slow age-related changes, doctors recommend as much as possible to move.

HLS needs to be integrated, then it will be effective

Health should be maintained comprehensively. If you establish the digestion, but do not refuse from bad habits (Smoking, etc.), and besides, will a little move, good recovery. Therefore, we must act in all directions, to take preventive measures for all functions of the body.

HLS involves several areas. First and foremost is proper nutrition, because the cells of the body depends on the food. Adjust your diet to include more fruits and vegetables. They provide the body with vitamins and minerals, it enhances immunity. Further, plant foods contains fiber, in adulthood it is most needed. It stimulates the stool and helps to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract.

Plant foods also contain pectin (especially rich in apples, citrus, pears, plums). They are chelators, which bind in the digestive tract of harmful substances and flush them out.

That it is necessary to restrict the eating? First and foremost, it is necessary to substantially reduce the amount of fats, sugar, sweets, pastries, especially butter. Such food has adverse effects on the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and vessels.

Further, it is necessary to monitor the regularity of the chair. Bowel movements should occur daily. Not derived decomposition products poison the body.

Regular bowel movements contribute to all kinds of cabbage (especially sauerkraut!), beets, kefir, acidophilus milk, prunes, dried apricots, etc.

Periodically cleansing the body through fasting days. While they can only eat raw vegetable salads without dressings. Or unloading can be carried out on apples, yogurt. Such fasting days to clear the gastrointestinal tract from neviodunum waste, purify the liver. At the time they need to drink plenty of fluids, it can be pure water, mineral water, herbal teas.

HLS also includes the need to rest. To keep healthy, it is very important to prevent congestion, not to overstrain yourself. As soon as you say to yourself: “do those kind of things, even a little bit will do, and all” — at this point you expend reserve forces of the body. Need to pick up the signals of fatigue, immediately to stop and to relax. Sometimes a little rest is enough to recuperate.

Another requirement of the HLS: as much as possible to fresh air. Oxygen is essential for metabolism, this need is particularly great in the elderly. In older people the metabolism is lowered compared to the young, therefore, it is necessary to stimulate increased oxygen consumption. And of course, you need to move! So that was the main way to preserve health.

Exercises: home fitness

There is an expression: “Movement is life”. It is absolutely true. When we move our muscles, organs, skeletal system. Cells and vessels are supplied with blood, they receive fresh food, at the same time removed the decay products. So while the person is alive, we have to move, the more the better. To do fitness, do not have to go to the gym (although it is also good). You can successfully practice at home.

In old age it is hard to start with strength exercises. If you give the body a heavy load, it may discourage the desire to engage in. So you first need to warm up the muscles and joints and then to increase the complexity and pace of exercise.

You should start with the most simple, this is an important rule. It is best to start the exercises lying in bed, on the couch or on the floor (Mat, Mat). First, many times, perform flexion and extension of joints: knee, hip, ankle, elbow, shoulder, wrist, etc.

When you feel that you are well warmed up, begin to exercise sitting down. In a sitting position make slopes, trying to get the hands to the floor: first one hand then the other. If completely to get to the floor does not work, no matter. Continue to engage, over time, the flexibility will increase.

The body will tell you what exercises to do. The difficulty here is not necessary, the main thing — the regularity and regularity. You can choose 2-3 exercises that you like best, and repeat them. No matter how simple they may be, they will benefit: disperse the blood around the body and saturate the cells with oxygen, will contribute to the training of vessels.

You can then move on to standing exercises. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, raise your arms up and try to reach as high as possible (this exercise is called “reach for the sun”). Then lower to the heel. Repeat as many times until it feels good. Stretching can also be done standing against a wall or in a doorway.

Then perform Mahi hands, up and down, left and right, forward and back. Invent any exercise options, the main thing — to move, that the body worked.

Very useful stretch. Stand at the edge of the table at a distance of 40-50 cm Lean hands on the edge and pull the back (like the cat stretching). Repeat the exercise several times. Then just vitrifies forward (imitating the cats).

For practicing you can use the most simple shells. For example, it may be an ordinary rubber band. You can also use dumbbells of a minimum weight, for example, children’s plastic weight 0.5 kg. Scrap projectile can serve as a great ruler, it is convenient to do tilts, etc.

How much time is necessary to do? Start with 20 minutes. Then gradually add on time. No need to hurry, increase the time of training should be gradual, the body itself must ask for it. Overall, 40-45 minutes a day is enough. But if you want to exercise longer, that’s fine. There is no limit. The main thing — to feel your body’s signals and not to seek to force the issue.

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