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Exercise: 8 mistakes when performing HIIT

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Exercise: 8 mistakes when performing HIIT

The contents

  • Improper warm-up or a complete lack of such physical activity
  • Increased physical exercise
  • The lack of rest periods between exercises
  • Great exercise
  • You are too often doing HIIT
  • You are too fast increase the load
  • Choose the wrong time to practice
  • Build muscle HIIT one little

HIIT — high intensity interval training, good fat burning and strengthening of muscles. They are often called “TABATA” which translated into simple language means a lot of movements for a short time. Of course, this physical activity requires the observance of certain rules of training and mistakes are inadmissible, as can lead to fatal consequences. About 8 of the most common ones will tell MedAboutMe.

Improper warm-up or a complete lack of such physical activity

Trainer Ben Camara believes one of the main mistakes to begin high-intensity exercise without prior warm-up. “This approach serves the cause of most injuries,” says Ben. Maybe it’s the desire of an athlete to save time, because HIIT is positioned as training for employment, and if possible even on the warm-up win, then it is perceived as an additional bonus. But this bonus is not very good service. The body is very difficult without training to immediately switch to a serious physical strain experienced by not only the muscles but also the heart, the respiratory system. During stretches just imitate the movements of its main complex: so you give the appearance of injury.

Increased physical exercise

“Less is better” — this proverb perfectly reflects the very essence of such activities. If the physical load exceeds 20-30 minutes, then it is not high intensity training, but something else. Assuming that you’re maxed out, even with a great desire you will not be able to do longer, as very tired. If the exercise is really intense, then 10 reps of 1 minute you can get the same effect, as measured from the seven hours of Cycling — this result was published in The Journal of Physiology. Therefore, you should not strive to increase the time physical activity: the rate should be on its intensity and efficiency.

The lack of rest periods between exercises

Some athletes not only warm up say no and rest time between sets cut. But if you do not give the body the opportunity to relax, with each subsequent exercise the power and strength workouts will fall. Rule TABATA “20-10” you need to follow strictly, and then after 20 seconds of intensified training followed by 10-teekonda respite. Otherwise, you can drive and provoke a heart attack. How to understand that you are ready again to rush into battle? Look at your heart rate monitor. If the heart rate dropped to 130 beats per minute, then you can safely continue.

Great exercise

Loading themselves to the fullest, choosing complex learning and exercise, you without even noticing reduce the speed and intensity of the exercise. “The effectiveness of TABATA is not in slojnosti, says Ben. The fact of the matter is that you need to do exercises on the machine without thinking about their accuracy, that is completely “disabling” the brain and controlling the breathing. In addition, the large exercise will take a lot of effort and energy. This leads to the fact that you will run out of steam long before the end of the training, and if you do not stop in such a situation, the risk of heart attack increases significantly. And the injury to so much easier. So make the complex simple HIIT exercises — lunges, squats, burpees, jumps, etc.

You are too often doing HIIT

Many people mistakenly believe that short time, this physical activity should be compensated by frequency of training. Professional coach Danny Fisher believes this approach is deadly for the muscles. Any physical activity, whether it be a fitness routine or HIIT takes time for muscle recovery. “If you ignore this rule, you can just kill them to shreds,” says Fisher. Against TABATA is especially important, because the training this high intensity, the maximum load on the body. Therefore, it’s recommended to do 2-3 times a week, maximum — 4. At least one day after hard work the muscles have to relax.

You are too fast increase the load

Each person has his own limits and the time for the assimilation of an exercise. If from the first class you make a bet on great physical exertion, over and over again raising their intensity, operating at its limits, the heart will not tell you thank you for it. Muscles, heart and other organs and systems should be given time to adapt to physical load. It is recommended to start with 4-minute workout and leave this interval continues in the next 4-6 sessions. Gradually with each workout the classroom can be increased by 1-2 minutes, and the load from moderate to intense.

Choose the wrong time to practice

It is clear that each of us has his own routine, his own heavy workload and many simply can’t practice at other times, except after completing all the cases. “This is not the right solution, while stimulating metabolism,” says Danny. Exercise in the evening will promote the consumption of calories just before bed, and if you do in the morning, the burning will be subject to the stocks of fats and energy derived earlier. Important rule — eating a half hour before class, otherwise sickness and poor health cannot be avoided.

Build muscle HIIT one little

Personal trainer Gregg Brooks advises to consider such a big exercise only as a means for effective fat burning. All those wishing to increase after gaining a good physical form go to weight training, that is training with weights. While Gregg advises not to expect quick results, because building muscle will not be as rapid as fat burning. Only under the condition of regularity of training, the gradual increase of loads, proper nutrition, rich in protein, you can expect to visible results. “Plenty of work and tension in the muscles and then they will rapidly increase in volume,” says Brooks.

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