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Estrogen and weight loss

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Estrogen or estradiol – a female sex hormone. He is responsible for reproductive function, and bone density. There is a substance in the body of men. Part of them estradiol is synthesized from testosterone by aromatization of fat cells. In small quantities he needs a strong half of humanity to build bone mass. But with the metabolic disorder may be a problem with this hormone. Its elevated level helps to increase body fat, raise the Breasts on the female type and affects the psyche and reproductive function. Fortunately, modern medicine and natural medicine reduce estradiol levels quickly and easily.

The contents

  • 1 benefits of estrogen?
  • 2 What is the prevalence of estrogen?
  • 3 How estrogen dominance affects bodybuilding?
  • 4 Ways self reduce the level of estrogen
    • 4.1 Get rid of plastic containers
    • 4.2 Clean the liver naturally
    • 4.3 Control stress
    • 4.4 Eat more organic
    • 4.5 Eat more fiber

What is the use of estrogen?

In the male body hormone has only one function – the formation of dense bone structure. Dr. P. Mystkowski Medical center Mason argues that in a healthy body part of testosterone is converted to estradiol this purpose.

The norm of estrogen in men is from 15 to 60 PG per ml. Is the amount of hormone allows not only to maintain bone density, but also maintains the youth of skin, and stabilizes the nervous-emotional state. The hormone is also responsible for the prevention of hypoxia and contributes to the prevention of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Estradiol in the male body allows to balance the influence of testosterone on the psyche. According to some, he is responsible for opportunities for socialization and adaptive mechanisms to stress.

Can the body function normally, if the estradiol at the lower limit of normal? Scientists believe that Yes, but decrease in estradiol level less than this value is not recommended. Sometimes in the name of extreme dryness taking blockers estradiol, which can lead to broken bones if associated with extreme peak power loads.

What is the prevalence of estrogen?

Even men with elevated estradiol, testosterone will still be more. Under the “predominance” understand the situation where the level of female hormone is elevated. Symptoms usually correlate with a reduced level of testosterone:

  • Obesity on female type, a layer is deposited on the thighs and buttocks;
  • Gynecomastia – the growth of glandular tissue on the chest, causing her increase;
  • Decreased libido and erection deterioration;
  • Depressed psycho-emotional state;
  • Fluid retention in the tissues;
  • Blocking the growth of muscle mass

Sometimes they write that estradiol affects muscle growth and positive. But an excess may affect fitness is not well. Fluid retention and fat do not allow to achieve the objectives in this area.

It is believed that the predominance of estrogen caused by environment and stress, but for many visitors of the hall it is not. If the athlete used the SARMs or prohormones from the category of legal, he must spend exactly the same post-cycle therapy after an anabolic steroids. This will help to avoid the negative consequences of an increase in estradiol. Some substances contained in the “legal” supplements for muscle growth can be converted into estrogen. Most people ignore PKT, relying on the fact that supplements are not steroids, but in practice the necessary blockers estradiol.

Dr. M. Ruiz-Pede claims that elevated levels of estradiol – a situation requiring immediate treatment, increased of this hormone can lead to cancer tumors in hormone-dependent tissues of the prostate in men and breast in women.

How estrogen dominance affects bodybuilding?

Endocrinologist Natasha Turner writes in his book “Hormones and diet”, that estrogen dominance can prevent weight loss. Adipose tissue is the largest hormone on the human body. The inertia of the situation is that the more fat, the more oestradiol. Because analysts are claiming that the increased level of female hormones in men from beer and soy only partly right. Usually guilty of overeating, maintaining a high percentage of fat, and relatively small muscle mass. Therefore to reduce the level of estrogen still need to create a deficit of calories to build muscle and burn fat. But to achieve this will be difficult unless you apply certain techniques to reduce the level of female hormones.

Ways independent reduction in the level of estrogen

In addition to receiving blockers should be prescribed by a doctor, natural and holistic medicine offers us a number of measures which will allow to get rid of excess female hormones.

Get rid of plastic containers

Follow health and carry food? Do it in a glass jar or thermos. Containers can highlight a bisphenol, a chemical compound that negatively affect the hormonal background of a person. This substance is able to increase estrogen in men. To get rid of BPA in everyday life will help special dishes, and the careful selection of containers.

Cleanse the liver naturally

Products-medications, for example, lemons, limes, beets, asparagus, green leafy vegetables, and milk Thistle – helps to normalize hormonal background of a person. Regular use cleanses the liver, which is able to display the extra estrogen. At least a doctor of natural medicine K. Milligan thinks so.

Control stress

Reducing stress levels is an important task of any human being seeking a healthy hormonal background. Reduction of cortisol, a stress hormone, will help to keep control of estradiol and prolactin. If to control stress the natural way, the body learns to produce more testosterone and less estradiol. The ways to reduce stress include exercise, meditation, Spa treatments, and Hobbies. Domestic doctors in this series allocate and control the amount of sleep. If the person is not zasypaet the hours needed to restore the imbalance Gomonov – likely thing.

Eat more organic

In relation to our country is more expensive “farm” meat and vegetables from the market and not processed and sliced breast of chicken and semi-finished products of green products from the store. Organic foods and vegetables contain toxins, and anything that may cause hormonal disturbance.

Eat more fiber

Apples, pears, artichokes, herbs and products made from whole grains contain a lot of fiber. It is able to bind and remove the excess estradiol, and to normalize the hormones of men.

Integrated application tools, which reduces the level of estradiol and a healthy lifestyle can solve the issue of hormonal imbalance and help to improve the health and appearance.

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