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Error when strength training

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Starting to do strength training, all make the same mistakes, and this slows progress. Learn common mistakes in strength training and be sure to get rid of them.

Everyone makes mistakes, especially in such a complicated issue, as training with power equipment. If you’re doing strength training, but I see no result, then you commit one of these errors.

Attention to the demonstration, not on strength

Strength training program should be centered around the tasks of development of force, not around the desire to show other people how much weight you can lift. Desire to demonstrate their abilities detracts from the proper exercise technique, this leads to decrease in progress and prevents injuries.

Not to focus on certain muscles

The training program should be exercises to develop specific muscle groups. You want to devote certain days to workout upper and lower body or specific muscles.

Not control the speed

When performing strength exercises every movement has to be controlled, it is impossible to throw the weight on the descent. All phases of the exercise must be performed with the same speed, without jerks, bumps and drop weight.

To limit the range of motion

In order for muscles retain natural elasticity and developed fully, all the movements in training should be performed at full amplitude. Otherwise, the development of the muscles, ligaments and joints will be uneven.

Not to train the muscles-antagonists

This, the antagonist muscles perform the opposite action, for example, the muscles of the quadriceps and hamstring muscles. These paired muscles need to develop strength in proportion, should organize training so that they maintain balance. At infringement of balance of the weaker muscle of the pair of antagonists will be prone to injury.

Hold your breath

Often people hold their breath on the lift to squeeze out an additional repetition, it happens unconsciously. This practice leads to increased pressure in the chest and severe dizziness. During strength training it is impossible to hold your breath, the breath should be synchronized with the exercises.

When the resistance becomes lower, you need to take a breath at the maximum effort you need to do exhale.
Insufficient or excessive rest between repetitions

Pauses between sets should be sufficient for recovery of muscles, tendons and joints. If the pause is too short, it is not enough for physiological and psychological training to the next approach, if it is too long, the muscles relax too much and come in the same condition as at the beginning of the training.

To adjust the progress

Any strength training program is progressive, but the increase in load should occur gradually and slowly. Sharp adding weight leads to an inability to work with this weight the desire to customize progress leads to injury.

Not to do the exercises properly

Each exercise has only one correct technique, the importance of every movement, every inhale and exhale. If you consciously or unconsciously break the technique, the workout will be compromised.

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