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Equipment for the bench press

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As any physical activity requires appropriate clothing. In this article, we have decided to consider what you need the equipment for a bench press.

The bench press is one of the most basic and common strength exercises, which from a prone position on a special horizontal bench lower on the chest and raise the bar with different weight. It performs almost every athlete.

Generally the equipment needed to protect the athlete from injury and to allow you to comfortably perform the exercises. Therefore, the conventional sports uniform will not fit. These clothing items are constantly improving to protect the athlete and help him achieve the best results. For the bench press in powerlifting use the following elements:

  • Tank top for the bench press.
  • Weightlifting shoes (specially made shoes).
  • The wrist bandages.
  • Tights (racer).

So, analyze every detail of the equipment in order.

Mike press on the bench in the supine position

Necessary to prevent injury to the chest, shoulders and back. At first glance it resembles a simple t-shirt, but actually not, this item of equipment made of strong and very elastic material. If we consider, we can see that the width significantly narrowed in the chest area. When dressed, it is quite tight figure, with the shoulders appear forward. Shrinking the fabric helps the athlete to lift the barbell from the breast, and at the time of lowering, it stretches. These quality materials help to take almost all the load.

For jerseys important cumulative effect (similarly as in the case of bandages). Because the garment allows you to increase the intensity of workouts and lift heavy cargo. Resulting to attain the excellent results in the competition. But with constant use special t-shirts, gradually lose their elasticity and weakening of the muscles and ligaments of the shoulders. Because of this, the possibility of injury during removal. So use a t-shirt with caution. Just before the competition. Preferably the last three or four weeks before them and making only two or three repeats. Because no matter how restricting upper body, Mike complicates blood circulation in these muscles and certainly can lead to very serious consequences. And additional exercises in the bench press necessarily performed without this piece of equipment.

Another point to avoid injury is to choose the right t-shirt. Not all athletes know how important this is and how to choose it correctly. So here are a few recommendations on the selection of jimboy Mikey.

First we need to measure tailor centimeter chest, biceps and shoulders. All measurements should be done in a relaxed way. To consider the weight and height.

Important! All measurements to make one centimeter and no other materials at hand.

Having done all that, decide the desired model and firm t-shirts.

There are 3 sizes with his degree of hardness: soft, medium and hard. But their selection depends on what result he wants to achieve the athletic.

Weightlifting shoes

This is the kind of shoes that necessary for training of the weightlifter. So the name is. They differ from a simple sports shoes that is made of hard leather. Weightlifting shoes tight zalneraviciute and have a durable rubber sole with tread is not deep and hard enough about two inches heel. Heel is designed order to not fall and not fall back.

When you bench press and weightlifting load, and on foot. Therefore, the support under feet is so necessary. The leg they well fixed and will not deviate to the side. This stability reduces the chances of injuries of the ankle joint.

Wrist bandage

They need to bandage only when it’s working approaches, and between them are better off. This will keep the correct function of blood vessels. When performing the bench press bar is just below shoulder level, so they often slip. And it certainly increases the load on the hands.

In addition to carpal bandages still used for wrist, wrist. Essentially the same bandages, but not as hard and short. They relieve pain in the hands. The athletes are getting used to the constant strain on the hands and the passage of time usually cease to use. And of course, this leads to injuries. Must use wristbands or bandages, in the bench press at the hands bear a large load. But when the wrists are fixed, the load and the voltage across them will be minimal and wrist will be healthy.

Tights for bench press

Helps to prevent spinal injury. Special tailoring ensures a tight wrapping of the pelvis and spine. It gives complete freedom of movement, such tights athlete comfortable enough.

Powerlifting is the greatest sport, so give preference to high quality form. After all, such equipment for the bench press helps to achieve good results.

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