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Energy – poison: why you should not abuse them?

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what energy drinks are to blame in many health problems. I’m sure you noticed that after they sleep worse, can jump the pressure, and with frequent intake and weight. In addition, such drinks can lead to mental problems and increase the risk of diabetes, dental problems and kidneys.

The composition of energy drinks include sugar in large doses (more than 10% of the volume), corn syrup, artificial flavors. If sugar intake is too high, the body has more trouble digesting it, you need to produce more insulin to make glucose penetrate into the cells. This can lead to the development of type II diabetes. Elevated blood sugar spoils the nerve fibers and affects blood pressure, which leads to problems with heart and kidneys.

Energy also have high contents of caffeine to 300 mg per 100 ml of the drink. Dose an adult is 400 mg per day, it is possible to drink half a bottle — and no coffee to boot. If you constantly exceed the norm, instead of cheerfulness, it is possible to obtain an anxiety disorder or depression: caffeine dependence is bad for the mood and spoils the dream.

Negatively affect the body and other supplements in energy drinks such as taurine and guarana. “More detail they will be studied in the coming years when there will be more statistics about consumers energy. Because now it’s in the mass of young healthy people, it is difficult to assess the full spectrum of possible consequences,” the scientists say.

Rare and irregular use of energy drinks special harm to the body will not cause, the researchers conclude. But if possible, you should look for other ways to cheer up!

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