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EMS workouts: fitness for busy people

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Currently, there are a huge number of fitness areas for every taste: stretching, Pilates, step aerobics, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and many other options for sports leisure. Based on your goals, you can choose the most appropriate sports orientation for yourself in order to subsequently turn a type of physical activity into an integral part of the daily schedule.

So do most novice sports lifestyle enthusiasts. Recently, however, an alternative method of training called EMS is gaining increasing popularity. It is characterized by a completely different approach to the implementation of the usual exercises and fitness in general.

What are EMS fitness workouts?

What are EMS fitness workouts?

The training method under consideration is based on the use of electrical muscle stimulation, which contributes to their accelerated development. EMS cannot be called a cardinal innovation, since the trainings on this system were conducted as early as the 1960s in order to use the atrophying muscles of astronauts, who were under weightless conditions for a long time. The EMS method was also used in medicine for the rehabilitation of athletes who were injured and who were unable to maintain their muscles in a natural tone.

The EMS scientists introduced the EMS industry to the fitness industry, suggesting that the correct stimulation of muscles by electric current would contribute to the effectiveness of traditional exercises. And they were not mistaken: according to the calculations, only 30-40 minutes of EMS-training at a moderate pace are equal in performance to 2-3 hours of activity in the gym.

How are the EMS-training?

Since the EMS-training is based on electrical stimulation, to conduct them you need to don a special suit, equipped with electrodes. It should be noted that its weight is quite noticeable, and can reach 3-3.5 kg.

Wearing a suit, you should make sure that it fits snugly enough to the body. Before you begin to perform the exercises, it is imperative to moisten the electrodes with water. Due to this, the current stops beating directly on the skin, which removes unpleasant sensations.

Unaccustomed to the effects of current can cause some discomfort associated with uncontrolled human brain working through the deep muscle layers. You need to get used to the abundance of wires, for which beginners, while performing the exercises, often cling. The following nuances can be counted among the additional recommendations for conducting EMS-training.

Before conducting a lesson (approximately one hour), take a small amount of food in accordance with your individually calculated calorie.
After a workout, it is recommended to do lymphatic drainage massage, which will ease stiffness (muscle pain after intense physical exertion).
EMS classes should be conducted under the supervision of a qualified trainer who, based on your individual capabilities and characteristics, should set up the simulator for the necessary parameters.
To make sure that the physical load exerted by the EMS-simulator does not harm you, consult with your doctor in advance about the lack of specific contraindications to this kind of exercise.

Contraindications to physical stress on the system EMS

Any fitness area has its own contraindications, and EMS is no exception. So, training with the use of muscle electrostimulation is extremely recommended not to:

women awaiting a child;
people with heart failure and the presence of a pacemaker;
patients with active tuberculosis;
performers with neurological disorders;
oncology patients.

Even if you have no contraindications for conducting EMS-classes, it is still worth consulting with a doctor. Remember that such a serious effect on the body, such as stimulation of muscles with a current, should not be left without expert control.

Doing exercises in EMS: pros and cons

Doing exercises in EMS: pros and cons

There are several separate opinions about the effectiveness of fitness in the EMS system. Some trainers believe that the electrical stimulation of the muscles should not be applied to healthy people because of its inexpediency, since traditional exercises will provide no less increase in muscle mass and strength. Others, on the contrary, argue that even the simplest exercises become more effective if the EMS simulator is used.

In fairness, it is worth noting that an essential advantage of training with the use of electrical muscle stimulation is the ability to work through those problem areas that are almost impossible to use in regular training. So, the inner thigh muscles that are difficult to pump through basic exercises can be tightened in a matter of weeks thanks to the regular use of the EMS trainer.

The advantages of EMS-training can be attributed to the fact that they allow you to work out the muscles on a par with high-intensity strength exercises. In this case, physical activity does not necessarily have to be significant. Accordingly, the probability of injury during training is reduced, because there is no excess pressure on the ligaments, joints and spine. Opponents of EMS-training on this objection that the effect of electric current is not recommended even during menstruation.

Based on the foregoing, you can come to a simple conclusion. EMS fitness is really effective, but it cannot completely replace conventional strength and aerobic training. The most sensible solution would be to alternate traditional training with exercises based on stimulation of muscles with current. Thus, you can use all the advantages of EMS-fitness (including toning the least developed muscles) without unnecessary stress for the body.

You can start EMS trainings with any level of stamina. The main thing – do not overdo it with the duration of classes. If you are a beginner, 20 minutes will be quite enough to work out the main muscles of the body. Gradually, the duration of the training can be increased to 40 minutes.

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