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EMS-training and its benefits

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EMS-training and its benefits
The contents

  • The method
  • The benefits of EMS training
  • The device simulator
  • Contraindications for EMS-fitness
  • Training results: opinions and reviews
  • How to make physical activity more efficient with EMC

EMS-training is quite popular, especially among supporters of alternative fitness. This system, combining physical activity with electromyostimulation muscle fibers, makes the classes extremely effective. There are a lot of positive feedback, confirming that EMS training is extremely productive when building muscle and losing weight. To understand how these workouts allow you to achieve great results, you need to understand the principles of this system and to learn the basic rules of organization of classes.

The method

Before electromyostimulation has been used primarily in rehabilitation medicine. Acts on the muscles by electrical impulses and causing them to decline, managed to keep toned muscles during prolonged immobility. Sometimes it was the only way to simulate physical activity – for example, after severe injuries.

On the same principle based and EMS-training. Due to its efficiency, this kind of training was first used in professional sports. It is now available and for those fitness enthusiasts who want to quickly and efficiently pump the muscles or lose weight.

Before class athlete clothed in a suit with electrodes, through which apparatus the EMS receives electrical impulses. The muscles begin to shrink. And load get even those that are difficult to work during regular training.

The benefits of EMS training

Training with electro-stimulation allows to use up to 90% of all body muscles. Therefore, it is considered to be many times more efficient than their classical analogues.

The main advantages of using EMS:

  • The impact of the current improves blood circulation, speeds up metabolism. The skin becomes more elastic, reduces the number of subcutaneous fat, leaving swelling.
  • Each workout takes less than 20 minutes. Thanks to the EMS device, even a little exercise has significant benefits. So a short training is able to replace a full hour and a half class at the gym.
  • EMS-trainings help to strengthen the muscle corset, and, therefore, to put in order the spinal column.
  • Due to the effect of current of low frequency can get rid of chronic back pain.
  • After class there is a vivacity and lightness.
  • The device simulator

    The basis of EMS-training – a device that sends a suit of the athlete electrical impulses of varying frequency and duration. Sensations from their exposure to similar vibration and a tingling sensation.

    Usually in the clothing includes shorts, vest, cuffs, and electrodes. Each manufacturer offers its own set for em training. In any case, the simulator must meet all safety requirements and have the quality certificate.

    So the effect of the training was the maximum, it is necessary to wear a suit as tight as possible: the size and fit is adjusted individually for each individual user. Classes are held in small groups, no more than 3 people, under the constant supervision of a coach.

    Itself exercise can be any fitness direction that is selected on the basis of the main goals of the athlete.

    Contraindications for EMS-fitness

    Like many types of physical activity, the EMS training have a number of contraindications:

    • pregnancy;
    • menstruation;
    • implants in the heart;
    • heart failure;
    • oncological diseases in anamnesis;
    • the presence of metal parts in the body.

    In all other cases, training is not able to harm humans, because electrical stimulation is a tool that allows to enhance the impulse in the muscles. Many doctors recommend classes on EMS training in certain diseases. So, when the hernia of the spine damage to the muscles current of low frequency is initially by medical indications.

    And yet, to exclude all doubts, and do not accidentally harm the body, before exercise is recommended to consult a specialist.

    Training results: opinions and reviews

    Judging by the reviews of those who practice EMS training, we can speak about the following results.

  • Training electromyostimulation helps to significantly improve skin elasticity, giving it anti-cellulite effect.
  • Physical activity in the EMS simulator makes muscles noticeably more prominent after the first three classes. After a month of regular workouts the result is reached, correlated with the results of six months of gym.
  • The results get even those who have not previously had experience training in the fitness room.
  • Discomfort associated with tingling and heaviness of the costume, quickly pass.
  • Plus EMS-training is an individual approach to each user and the constant presence of a qualified coach.
  • The effectiveness of the training and says that the day after it felt all actively-developed muscles, which happens after the regular classes in the gym.
  • Many skeptics, meanwhile, are wary of the claims that you can build muscle and lose weight doing only 20 minutes a week. Electrical stimulation, in their opinion, are only able to maintain muscle tone but not cause them intense development.

    With these findings we could agree if we were talking only about the effect of current on muscle fibers during static position of the athlete. But the essence of the EMS-training is to strengthen the usual muskulaturnoy reductions that occur under the action of the current. That is, regular movement triggers the process of muscle contraction and electrical impulse is increased.

    How to make physical activity more efficient with EMC

    To “squeeze” the maximum from the EMC training, you must observe the following rules.

  • Sessions should be regular. Given the high intensity of the workouts, you can do only 1-2 times a week. The interval between training shall not be less than 2 days.
  • To allow the body to recover fully, you need to get enough rest. Sleep must be adequate: one should not sleep less than 7-8 hours.
  • To achieve results faster in losing weight and building muscle is possible only with proper diet. Food should provide body with all essential macro – and micronutrients. Therefore it is impossible to overeat, but restrictive menu is also unacceptable.
  • Being in EMS gear, it is essential to observe the correct technique of exercises. But this is easy to achieve due to the fact that every athlete is under the supervision of an experienced coach.
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