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Elliptical or treadmill: which to choose for employment in the fitness room

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Elliptical or treadmill: which to choose for employment in the fitness room
The contents

  • Treadmill: advantages and disadvantages
  • Elliptical trainer for the development of the whole body
  • Rules of fitness training with the cardio simulator
  • What to choose for home training

Aerobic exercise during class on the cardio equipment help to strengthen the heart and promote active weight loss. Perhaps that is why cardio area there is almost any fitness room. The most popular among lovers of aerobic exercise are the treadmill and elliptical trainer. To understand what of them suits you, you need to learn all their advantages and disadvantages, and how they affect the body. Then, taking into account their level of training and training goals, you can build a training program on a particular machine.

Treadmill: advantages and disadvantages

The popularity of running is growing every year. Before the passion of many was Jogging, which was considered the best means for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Now a lot of people involved in Amateur marathons and run half-marathons, often involved in charity. For this we have to prepare the body to sprint a few months.

For many Jogging is the best way to lose weight and give tonus to your muscles. However, not everyone has the opportunity to run on the street. And to find it in a place with relatively clean air is very difficult. A great way for citizens becomes cardio training on the treadmill.

Other advantages of the lessons in this simulator are the following points.

  • The treadmill has an information screen which shows you the information about the duration and running speed, calories lost, heart rate. This allows you to obtain information about the intensity of exertion, the exercise results, and, if necessary, adjust the speed and time of running.
  • Simulators allow the athlete to set a particular program depending on his level of training.
  • Treadmills have a cushioning system. Due to this, the joints of the athlete get a reduced shock load.
  • On the simulator, you can set different modes of movement – running or walking. There is a possibility to simulate uphill: it changes the angle of incline.
  • The main load while running falls on lower body – legs and buttocks. Involved also the muscles of the back and arms.
  • There are many options of the simulator for conventional apartments. You only need to choose the right size and other technical characteristics of the unit, and go back to running fitness, without leaving home.
  • The disadvantages of treadmills include the following:

  • Classes on this device is contraindicated for people with certain diseases of the heart, joints, lungs and bronchi.
  • When running there is an increased load on the joints and spine. It can be dangerous for people with significant excess weight.
  • Wrong show, the wrong respiratory system, too heavy load, and other errors can lead to undesirable consequences. Before embarking on a cross-country training necessary to thoroughly examine the theory, to calculate the optimal heart rate for your age and weight. The best advice for beginners is to consult a fitness trainer for more advice.
  • So your body is not used to the same workout regimen, and progress is not stopped, it is necessary to constantly increase the load. This is especially true when running used in comprehensive training programs for weight loss.
  • Home workouts are usually simplified versions of treadmills. They have a low level of damping and sound attenuation. This can cause discomfort and athlete, and his neighbors.
  • Elliptical trainer for the development of the whole body

    The elliptical machine is also called “elliptical” or “ellipse”. It is more versatile, consists of platforms for the feet and handles for your hands. Can simulate running, walking, climbing stairs and training on skis.

    Its advantages include the following:

  • Joint stress is reduced thanks to a specific, clearly predetermined path of movement. To do the exercise incorrectly is almost impossible.
  • Due to its design orbitrek replaces multiple machines.
  • The ellipse gives a uniform load on different muscle groups.
  • To do elliptical, do not need special physical training.
  • Existing elliptical reverse allows you to work the muscles not involved in normal walking.
  • The simulator has a built-in screen with information about all the main indicators of the training process. In memory of the elliptical is fitness programs-workouts designed for different levels of fitness.
  • There are many small models of elliptical exercise machines that you can use for fitness and at home.
  • Disadvantages of the ellipse:

    • it contraindications for people with cardiovascular diseases, diseases of joints and spine;
    • it should be individualized: to your height and step length;
    • when you work on it the possible errors in the location of the body during exercise.

    Rules of fitness training with the cardio simulator

    No matter which of the two simulators you stop your choice. If the aim is weight loss, both are equally effective. Most importantly, doing cardio, follow a few important rules.

  • To keep the body in shape enough to do 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes. If you want to burn more calories will have to increase the training to one hour.
  • Most effective for weight loss is considered to be of interval fitness training during which alternating periods of heavy and low loads.
  • Weight loss is impossible without a change in diet. You should limit the intake of sugar, pastries, preservatives, to eliminate TRANS fats. Food should be balanced with the right amount of “slow” carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats. You need to drink enough water.
  • What to choose for home training

    If simulator is selected for playing at home, you must consider the number of people who will have to deal with it, the size of the free area, and how neighbors would react to the inevitable noise from the simulator.

    You should choose such equipment, in which the ratio quality/price is optimal. Keep in mind that too cheap a model can quickly fail and be awkward to use.

    If you compare the dimensions, the ellipse is much less than the treadmill. In addition, it does not produce much noise. Therefore, it is preferable for home fitness workouts.

    Choose a trainer for the home should not only on the picture. You need to test equipment in work to have a complete understanding of all its capabilities.

    To finally determine the choice, you can work on each of the simulators, and only then to draw conclusions about what suits you.

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