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Elastic band for fitness for legs – what is it and how to use it?

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Elastic band for fitness for legs – a sports equipment that allows you to effectively work out all muscle groups. With it, you can perform both standard exercises and advanced ones. Recently, this training equipment has gained wide popularity due to a range of advantages. For more information on how to use the fitness gum to train your legs, read on.

General views

Elastic band for fitness – a sports equipment made in the form of colored elastic ribbons-loops with different levels of density. It is fixed on the arms or legs, increasing tension in the exercises. During the execution of swings, dilutions, squats, lunges, muscles receive an increased load, due to which the intensity of the workout increases. Accordingly, the effectiveness is increasing.

Fitness gum made from:


This sports equipment is also known under the names: “tape expander” and “tape shock absorber”. There are models of different lengths, thicknesses and colors. For people engaged at home, this product will become an indispensable training tool.

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Fitness gum is divided into three categories:

resistance band;
resistance loop;
mini band.

The last option is best for training your legs.

There are 5 variations on sale in different color schemes. Each color characterizes the level of stiffness and load, commensurate with the weight:

Yellow is the mildest (2-5 kg). It has minimal tension on the muscles. Suitable for beginners. Experienced athletes can be used to warm up.
Red is soft (6-8 kg). Designed for beginners and advanced athletes who already have experience in training with elastic bands.
Green – medium (9-12 kg). Designed for people with good physical fitness. Not recommended for beginners to avoid overloading muscle fibers.
Blue is hard (13-18 kg). Used by athletes with well-developed muscles.
Black is the toughest (19-30 kg). It is used in training only by professionals. It is difficult to deal with such a projectile, even having good physical fitness.

Colors may vary by manufacturer.

Therefore, when buying, you should pay attention to the labeling and description with the specified parameters.

Best exercises

Elastic band for fitness for legs and buttocks allows you to most effectively pump these muscle groups in the following exercises:

Strap. Fix the tape expander on the hips, take a position in focus while lying with straightened hands. Raise and lower your legs in a jump at a time.
Fours. Pull the shock absorber tape in the knees, lower down on all fours, take the right thigh aside and return to the starting position. Repeat with the other side.
Mahi. The starting position is similar to the previous exercise, but the leg is laid back. The correct technique effectively works out the buttocks and biceps of the thigh.
Breeding. Lie on your side, bend your knees slightly, and raise your thigh without severing your socks. At the end, roll over to the other side and repeat with the second leg.
Frog. Sit on your buttocks with your hands on the floor and leaning back slightly. Fix the elastic just below the knees and bend them. At the same time spread your legs apart and bring them together.
Side raises. Lie on the floor. Place the band expander on your lower legs. Lift the thigh as many times as possible on one side, and then repeat on the other.
Reverse lifts. Lie on your stomach. Lock the expander tape in a position similar to the previous exercise. Lift your leg up without bending at the knee.
Complicated climbs. Take the position of the side plank, resting your elbow on the floor. Keep your other hand in a straight position above you. Raise your foot and slowly lower it.
Squats with swings. Fix the elastic band just below the knees, spread the legs wider than the shoulders. Slowly lower, then rise, with one foot swing to the side. Repeat with the second.
Squats with jumps. The tape expander is installed in the same place as in the previous exercise. While jumping, spread your legs to the sides. Jump again, bringing them back to shoulder width apart and clapping your hands over your head.

For maximum effect, repeat each action to failure. A break between sets is 1-2 minutes.

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Fitness gum is an ideal solution for home workouts, as it:

supports muscles in tone, eliminates problem areas and sagging;
differs in minimum weight and size, which allows you to take it with you to any place;
provides uniform tension;
allows you to independently adjust the level of load;
has a minimal effect on the joints and connective tissues, due to which they do not wear out;
suitable for people with injuries to the knees and spine that do not allow you to train with free weights;
can be used to perform any classical exercises (squats with weight, deadlift);
makes it possible to tighten the gluteal muscles without increasing the mass of quadriceps;
designed for any gender and age;
differs in reasonable price.

girl is engaged with fitness rubber

To increase the load, it is enough to buy two elastic bands and use them simultaneously. Quality equipment wears out slowly, so it will last a long time. For people who are allergic to latex, you can purchase sports equipment from another material. Latex models are the cheapest, but rubber ones are slightly more expensive; if desired, you can find tissue. The most expensive are polyurethane.

Fitness gum is a universal apparatus that can be used both for self-training and combining with dumbbells, horizontal bar and barbell. The likelihood of injury when practicing with an elastic expander is minimal.


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