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Only proper nutrition

Effective ways to lose weight for women

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Compared to men women can get in shape with much less effort, time and Finance. The main thing is to choose the suitable nutritional advice, to determine the loads and organically to fit them into your daily life.

Have you ever meet women who know all about weight loss, but can not boast of a perfect figure? Does this mean that to lose weight at home without a coach and regular expenses for special food and exercise ineffective? Let’s see what we can be sure that determines success or failure in any areas of our lives, including losing weight.

Psychological problems and excess weight
Ideal figure, a healthy appetite, the ability to stop in time and not to eat too much – it’s not “genetic”.

It is an indicator of psychological health and well-being. An eating disorder is a signal to become closer to ourselves, to identify and solve existing problems.

You constantly wonder “How do I lose weight?”, but still did not move from the dead point? We have prepared an overview of the most common problems that can lead to overeating, and have proposed an effective and simple enough to implement the solution. The problem for greater clarity, we have formulated in the form of the most common objections in response to the recommendations to start watching my figure.


The problem

A possible solution

My husband/children/family will not be happy dietary dishes, and I can’t cook yourself apart from the rest.

Often weight loss is associated with short-term reducing diets, during which allowed a limited list of foods and ways of cooking. Feed home a week rice, cooked without salt, or green tea, brewed with milk, hardly anyone will dare.

Pay attention to the system of “PP” (stands for “Proper nutrition”). It’s not a diet in the conventional sense. A system of power that can be applied throughout life. It is ideal for weight loss at home, normalize blood sugar, blood pressure and other disorders associated with excessive weight.

In the Internet you can find whole groups and forums dedicated to the “PP” with many recipes and photos are really easy to make, but very tasty and healthy dishes for the whole family. The emphasis in the system is given to the predominance in the diet of protein foods, fruits and vegetables.

I can’t live without sweet (oily/fried/smoked/salted)

We often eat without thinking about what it really delicious to us, do we need dessert (or any other unwholesome food) in order to get pleasure from the meal.

There is a good book “Easy way to lose weight” by Allen Carr. In the book, the author describes his successful way to a normal body weight. At the core of his method is attentive to the sensations of food that enters the mouth. It often turns out that favorite food not as tasty as it looks, but in the subconscious is associated with pleasant moments and experiences. How to lose weight with the advice of Allen Carr? To know the taste of the food again and choose what really brings love and favor!

The same principle underlies the intuitive method of selection of diet.

I don’t eat much but still fat. It’s genetics, nothing can be done.

Our mind can be very selective about what to consider in the analysis of the behavior and what is not. This feature allows us to forget about the excess amounts of high-calorie foods in the diet or to underestimate their significance in the process of weight gain.

Find out where does the extra weight just. Enough to start to consider eaten. For this there are a huge number of techniques:

  • keeping a food diary;
  • counting the balance of protein-fat-carbs-calories;
  • the use of special software and applications that are based on the number of parameters can show how excessive nutritive value is the human diet.

All of these techniques can be used to determine the optimal diet allowing you to lose weight or to maintain a stable body weight.

My friends/relatives are critical to my desire to lose weight, burn me a delicious meal, demotivate available to them.

How to lose weight when the diet is constantly interrupted by cakes, beer with fish and other “Goodies” that you begin to aggressively close with us to share, once we begin to watch the weight. Jokes, jokes, devaluing comments, Frank statement of conviction make the adjustment period on a new power system even more complex.

It is important to remember that people close to us wish us well and love us, but don’t want to change. Over time, they will accept us and significantly postroynevshaya, will evaluate the achieved results and to ask advice about how to achieve the same weight. But it will be then. But first it is better to find a group of like-minded people on the Internet. Fortunately, social networks allow you to choose the buddies, United by one purpose and establish friendly relations with them.

Diet destroys relationships with friends and family, as annoying that I’m sitting and do not eat anything at the table. This causes confusion and resentment, especially by the elderly.

In our culture meetings are accompanied by feasts or shared meals are much more abundant than ordinary meal at home. To abstain from food and alcohol to offend the host or at least to cause him displeasure.

Solutions to this problem are several. And they are all quite effective:

  • Dr. Dukan, author of the eponymous diet, recommends to give preference to the protein products cooked with minimum oil (chicken, fish, grilled vegetables, kebabs, not too salty ham, etc.);
  • a diet for professional athletes contain a recommendation to “shake metabolism”, i.e. to create the conditions in which the metabolism remains at a consistently high level.

How to lose weight with days plus? Very simple: to consider a meeting with friends, when you need to sample at least on the spoon all that is on the table, day in plus, and after doing the day on the minus (discharge day will help to stabilize the weight). In the rest of the week eat normally. This scheme allows you to get out with minimal losses even from the cycle of new year holidays.

I work a lot and can’t make time for sports/

Classes at home no effect.

Unsystematic lessons, the choice is too easy may not give effect even if the person trains for an hour a day or more.

Unlike men, women don’t need to go for muscle mass and relief. It is enough to have slim and toned body. How to lose weight quickly at home? To obtain such a result in that case, if the right to set priorities and choose appropriate exercises:

  • tighten the abdominal muscles and helps wrap the sides with weights and special massage “bumps” that can twist at the waist while watching TV or talking on the phone;
  • to improve the shape of the foot for 6 weeks allows difficult to implement the complex program “the Legs of the world standard”;
  • to improve the tone of muscles of trunk you can use a single “Bar”, which will not take more than 5 minutes a day.

Effective systems a lot. The efficiency criterion alone, regardless of the starting fitness level: if you perform exercises are easy, not increased heart rate, not feel the tension in the muscles, you’re wasting your time. We need a more complex system.

The power of habit and positive change

In the life of every dieters the time comes when the effort already expended, and the final result is still not achieved. When one becomes aware of the degree of obesity and number of extra pounds, it is important to find the strength to continue to follow the diet and workout schedule. A reason for joy and a source of inspiration could be any little thing that evidences movement in the right direction:

  • blouse or other clothing, which previously sat tight, are now become much more free;
  • easier fasten the boots in the legs, the waist;
  • the smell of freshly baked happy and improves mood, but not motivated to buy, and eat;
  • in a crowd of people look began to snatch slender figure;
  • to climb stairs easier, and each step became springy and light, and so on.

These positive changes need to notice and share them with a support group. If you get 10 of these confirmations every day, then you can easily adjust in terms of habits and lifestyle in order to lose weight or keep the weight without effort.

Versatile ways to lose weight does not exist. To lose weight at home for women is quite real. It is important to give yourself time and attention and to find the most suitable way of solving problems that are an obstacle to the ideal shape.

Find someone who will support you and ideally work together to lose weight. Be alert and share with him their, even minor successes. Rejoice in the successes of others and you will not notice as you will create for yourself a new reality and a new life.

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