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Only proper nutrition

Effective nutrition for a set of muscles

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Effective nutrition for a set of muscles

How should be the correct nutritionto the athlete to grow muscle, and do not increase your overall weight? Do you need to take supplements, and if so, which ones? Let us step by step to understand all the myths and rationalize, which will bring benefits in the form of a set of muscle and not mass.

Regarding sports nutrition the answer is simple: as a Supplement it is an excellent source of easily digestible protein and must be included in the diet of the athlete. But the basis still remains a balanced diet with an emphasis on meat, fish and poultry, with a sufficient amount of carbohydrates and fats. No matter how much you worked in the hall, but if the body is not receiving sufficient essential amino acids – no muscle growth will not. And for athletes training without steroid and other fredderick, there are no other options. Another thing is that the amount of incoming protein it should be “sane”.

A lot of protein does not happen?

How to calculate the required amount of protein and what myths are already proven to become a symbol of stupidity and ignorance? The body’s need for protein is quite an individual thing, moreover, this figure also affects a huge number of different factors, but the targets are still there. To the healthy life made you bigger and stronger in the body should not be less than 4 g of leucine. This essential amino acid included in the composition of such additives as, for example, BCAAs.

As for the number of meals, the best will have 5-6 meals per day with a proportion of protein to 25-30 g each. You may ask: but what about the harmful effects of protein to the kidneys and other organs? Here everything is simple – it is not subject to the rules. A simple example from the world of bodybuilding (the main consumer of protein): known to his representative Ronnie Coleman for over 10 years and took daily 600 grams of protein and the kidneys all right. With bones, too – no osteoporosis. Of course, for an ordinary person to what are the doses, but the example speaks for itself, and in bodybuilding, he is not alone.

What to exclude from a diet, trying to gain muscle mass?

Of course, in order to gain muscle training more efficiently and fitness brought more fun, you need to limit yourself in taking certain products. First and foremost, this applies to “fast carbs”. Also, the diet will not contains fats, but it is not so simple as it seems at first glance. The fact that part of the hormonal system of the person depends on their availability. Therefore, the restrictions do not apply to polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Anyway, but the competent organization of the daily diet is based on healthy and balanced diet and you cannot forget it.

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