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Effective gym workouts for men

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The ideal body for men is not a dream but a goal. A positive result will help to achieve the gym. In this way it is possible to develop all the muscle groups. Let’s look at what exercise you must perform to create the body of the dreams.

The main components of the training process

Program in the gym for men includes the following components:

  • A specific schedule to visit the gym.
  • Exercises. They involve all muscle groups.
  • Correct execution of exercises.
  • Over time, the load is increased.
  • Follow a proper diet.

Once the body becomes accustomed to regular exercise, you need to start to build muscle fibers. Gym workouts are gradually and regularly. A monthly set of muscle mass should be between one to three kilograms. If the figure is higher – there are fat deposits.

Classes should not be too long. If exercise lasts more than an hour man quickly overwork, the muscles cease to respond to the load and grow. During one of the classes is to train three groups of muscle fibers. Between training sessions need to take rest not more than 4 minutes.

One group of muscles is to work out every 7-10 days.

To workout at the gym for men was effective to give the body to recover for at least 72 hours.

Much attention is paid to nutrition. After the lesson, you should consume more high-calorie foods. Such a diet helps the body to restore during a workout energy. A day used from 3500 to 4000 calories. Needs to be a balance between proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Exercise program for men at the gym

For beginners the program is divided into three workouts a week. Use basic exercises. This set will help to work out all muscle groups and gain weight. You can do Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It can be other days. It is important that between sessions was attended by a break in one day.

On Monday, perform the following exercises:

  • Bench press in the supine position. Perform on a horizontal bench 4 sets of 10 times.
  • Dumbbell bench press on an inclined bench – 3 at 12.
  • Twist – 3 at 12. Worked out press.
  • Reverse pushups – 3 at 12. Effective exercise for the triceps.
  • Wiring dumbbells on inclined bench – 3 at 12.
  • Dips – 4 at 10.

On Wednesday a set of exercises at the gym for men, beginners in the sport:

  • Deadlift – 4-10.
  • Twisting. Perform on a horizontal bench – 3 at 12.
  • Exercises with barbell and dumbbells – 3 at 12. Swinging bicep.
  • Fold your hands on the Scott bench – 4 at 12.
  • The steps of the post – 3 for 12.
  • Thrust in the slope – 3 at 12.

Friday use such a program:

  • Squats with weights. Use a barbell or dumbbells. Perform 4 to 10.
  • Bench in army style – 3 for 12.
  • The leg press on machine – 3 through 12. Work the muscles of the legs, lower back, abs.
  • Twist – 3 at 12. Swinging press. On Friday you can add side twisting for the study of the oblique muscles.
  • Lift weights to chin – 3 at 12. Use a kettlebell or a dumbbell.

Load workouts in the gym increases gradually. The first is to carry out a small number of sets and repetitions. Between the approaches, it is important to give your body a rest and a half or two minutes. Technique must be correct to prevent injury.

Before exercise do warm-UPS. It can be a common cardio. After the lesson, the body calm. Do stretching, which increases muscle volume.

Features of workouts for men at the gym

Used circular method of training. The high level of difficulty suitable only for professional athletes. Training work one or two muscle groups. Program for beginners involves training several muscle fibers.

Workout plan for men at the gym, includes six types of exercises that are performed one set without respite. After you need to take a break in five minutes and repeat the circle.

In the first session worked the muscles of the legs, the second chest and back. The third training focused on the shoulder girdle, four – hands. In this training program you must adhere to a special diet to achieve a positive result.

There are such rules for the implementation of fitness training:

  • Each lesson begins with warm-up. No matter beginner or professional. It can be a common exercise, running, work on the bike. Warm-up is necessary to warm up the muscles and prepare them to load. The duration is from five to seven minutes.
  • In the first phase of the exercise, perform 2 sets of 10-15 times.
  • Between sets the rest in 2-3 minutes.
  • Weight are selected depending on the physical preparation.
  • It is important to breathe correctly. When weight lifting is done exhale when lowering – breath.
  • Training should end with a hitch.

Nutrition when training in the gym

Perform all the above exercises in the gym is not enough. It is important to follow a proper diet. The diet can be divided into three stages:

  • Before training
  • On time.
  • After.

Nutrition before training

Before the lesson, choose foods rich in carbohydrates and proteins. Fats are excluded. Carbohydrates provide the body with the necessary energy. Protein foods supply amino acids for proper muscle function. Thus, the field classes increases protein synthesis in muscle tissue.

When eating fatty foods slows down stomach emptying and the rate of digestion. During the training, such foods may cause nausea and colic. Before training in the gym throughout the week, you can use such products:

  • Turkey meat or chicken breast with bran bread and rice.
  • The steak with fries.
  • Omelette with oatmeal.

You can eat soup or salad for an hour before a workout so they have time to digest. If your goal is muscle mass, then used one piece of fruit and washed down with protein drink. Before the lesson, there is nothing better to eat. Allowed to drink a glass of milk.

Nutrition during a workout

During exercise for weight loss or muscle gain you need to drink plenty of water. When dehydration appears dizziness, dry and thirsty. Water should be drunk every 15-20 minutes.

If the training lasts more than an hour it is important to consume special sports drinks. Allowed to drink fresh juices.

Nutrition after training

After a workout, within 20 minutes, you need to eat. If this is not done, the lesson is meaningless, muscles will not grow, the metabolism is deteriorating. It is recommended to consume carbohydrates in liquid form cranberry or grape juice.

It is important to drink protein powder or drink. It is possible to replace egg whites. After running the program in the gym should give up fatty foods. It slows down the ingress of carbohydrates and proteins in the blood. We need to avoid beef, pork. It is better to eat the meat of a calf.

For two hours after class you should not eat foods with a high content of caffeine: tea, cocoa, coffee, chocolate.

Sample menu for training day:

  • Breakfast – low-fat cottage cheese, apples or oranges, tea, oatmeal.
  • Lunch – meat or fish, low-fat, pasta durum, greens.
  • Afternoon snack – vegetable salad, yogurt, eggs.
  • Dinner – cabbage, cucumber, meat or fish, low-fat.
  • Before bed – low fat yogurt, green tea.

If you follow all the rules of training and nutrition for the gym – the results will appear after 1-2 months.

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