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Effective fat burning fitness complex for practicing at home

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Effective fat burning fitness complex for practicing at home

The contents

  • Features and rules effective fitness
  • Methods of exercise
    • Warm-up
    • Jumping out of position half squat
    • Exercise with dumbbells
    • Lunge with weights
    • Push UPS and clapping
    • Squats
    • Bench press with weights
    • The kicks aimed in the direction
  • Range of fitness elements for weight loss
    • The training of the legs in the position of “plank”
    • Running with high lifting legs
    • Work with dumbbells
    • Leg swings
    • Twisting
    • The load on press

In modern society, more and more people prefers to live a healthy lifestyle trying to find in the busy schedule time for physical activity. Popular cardio fitness because it not only working muscles, but also improves heart and respiratory systems, normalizes blood circulation, improves muscle tone, eliminates imperfections of the figure. Exercise in the fresh air is preferable, but the rainy weather or banal lack of time can often disrupt the plans.

To do at home without expensive equipment. Enough to buy comfortable clothes, exercise Mat, dumbbells (or use homemade weights). Not superfluous, and the timer (for example, installed on the smartphone app), and good music accompanying the exercises — it is able to elevate mood and increase motivation for training.

The standard complex for weight loss typically requires 20-30 minutes, which are easy to identify even in the busy schedule of a working person. To succeed will those who will make maximum efforts and will mobilize to perform the tasks according to the scheme developed by professional trainers.

Features and rules effective fitness

Fitness trainings are carried out on all groups of muscles at high speed, but it should not affect the technique and the quality of the items. For cardio mandatory interval of intense stress. The program is designed for classes 3 times a week, they can be changed into similar complexes, or regularly alternate.

An important stimulus to weight loss is healthy and balanced diet. Do not stick to any diet enough responsible approach to food choices, not overeating, try to drink 2 litres of clean water per day.

A must-have addition to cardio should be training with weights, otherwise avoid loose skin after changes to the figure that will be too noticeable.

Methods of exercise

Fat burning fitness implies the alternation of the movements and pace — 45 seconds of intense work and pause for 15 seconds to restore breathing. For best results, not to feel sorry for ourselves and change the duration of the intervals. If the load is excessive, it is better to reduce the training duration, to change the complex to a more gentle or decrease the weight of the dumbbells.


Running on the spot, at the same time knuckles of the outstretched hands.

  • His knees rise to the chest level.
  • Arm muscles tense upon impact.
  • The movement of the right leg is made simultaneously with the left hand.
  • Follow the posture and breathing.

Jumping out of position half squat

Put feet shoulder-width apart, perform a half squat, trying to bounce up, using his hand movements.

  • Allowed small deflection of the lower back.
  • The knees bend at right angles.
  • Feet remain shoulder-width apart, and after the jump.
  • Do not lean forward.

Exercise with dumbbells

Take up the dumbbell and take the position of “plank”. Trying not to have the elbow up the back, raise one bent arm up. Straighten the arm at the elbow while turning the brush. Drop a limb on the floor performing movements in reverse order.

  • The back remains perfectly straight, is not allowed sagging of the pelvis and lowering the body to the side.
  • The burden falls only on the hands.
  • Try to squeeze to the housing of the working hand.

Lunge with weights

Do a popular item of fitness with the removal of the lower extremity forward. Pass the dumbbell from hand to hand under the bent (back) leg.

  • The back remains straight.
  • Drop the knee of the leg that remains behind, as low as possible.

Push UPS and clapping

Squat, put her hands on the floor, the sudden movement raspyleniem feet, turn the body into a plank position produced by the push-up, return leg in the bent position, jump up and simultaneously produce cotton hands above his head.

  • During push-UPS control the position of the body — it must be stretched in a straight line.
  • Falling down, watching not to over-emphasize the pelvis.


Put the feet shoulder-width apart and do a squat. Straight, shifting the weight on one leg, the other leg do the turn in front of him as if drawing a circle. Repeat movement for other leg.

  • Foot in the delineation of the circle remains straight.
  • The circle should be the maximum diameter.

Bench press with weights

Stand with legs wider than shoulders, back straight. Arms bent, hold the dumbbells at chest level. Raise hands — exhale, bend to original position — the breath.

  • The body should not sway, only work the muscles of the upper extremities.
  • Follow uniformity of breath.

The kicks aimed in the direction

Accept the situation as in the previous item — we do a deep squat, move the body weight on one leg. Sharply straightened, the second leg inching movement out to the side. Return to the starting position. Do repeat exercise on other leg.

  • The buttocks muscles are tense during impact.
  • Squats are as low as possible.

Range of fitness elements for weight loss

This program is designed for those who struggle with excess weight. With regular performance of a complex weight loss occurs by burning of fat while enhancing metabolism.

The training of the legs in the position of “plank”

Take the plank position. Resting on the floor with your toes. Alternately lift your legs at low altitude.

  • Of the foot cut towards the floor.
  • Raised leg trying to keep perfectly straight. Muscle tense.

Running with high lifting legs

A friend running on the spot with zahlest. Try as close as possible to tighten the foot to the buttocks.

  • Breath evenly.
  • Back keep straight.

Work with dumbbells

Be right. Hands with dumbbells are lowered along the body. Brush sent to him. Bendable hands with a turn brush to the housing. Limb movements in this element of fitness are produced alternately.

  • Breath manufactured with a lifting arm.
  • Dumbbell raise to the level of the clavicles.

Leg swings

Start the exercise with a lunge back and focus on the sock. Subject to a right angle in the knee of the leg located in front, back leg drop as low as possible. Active movement transfer weight with a simultaneous stroke of the back leg forward. Return to the starting position.

  • Front leg at the time of Maha remains straight.
  • Help yourself by hand movements.


Sit on floor, legs extended. Lean back and keep that position due to the abdominal muscles. Hands bred to the sides. Start to rotate the housing. When turning right the left arm moves in the direction of rotation, right — stationary, and Vice versa.

  • Legs can be slightly bent and back rounded.
  • You can use weights.

The load on press

Lie down on a soft surface. Lift your legs up to an angle of 90 degrees. Smooth movement trying to tear off pelvis from the floor by tension of the abdominal muscles. Return to the starting position.

  • Hands lie along the body or under the buttocks.
  • It is recommended to fix the body for a few seconds in the top of the lift.

Such regular exercise promote rapid weight loss, toning of all muscle groups, and correction of problem areas, training the heart muscle, improve efficiency and improve overall health

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