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Effective exercises for strengthening back muscles

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Today, many people have back problems of a different nature. This is especially true of those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. This article presents a set of exercises to strengthen back muscles, which will help you to feel in good shape and forget about back pain.

How to strengthen the back muscles

To maintain the muscles active and prevent discomfort in the lumbar need to do special exercises, which is the main component of the process of building and maintaining good spine. Regular training help to improve the health and General well-being, but also affect the improvement of physical fitness.

The following training program will be useful to all without exception. However, if you feel back pain, you must first contact a doctor, find out and eliminate the cause, since the pain do physical exercise is not necessary. If the doctor’ll let you train harder, perform the exercise in a simplified form with a minimum of stress. So, it is possible to perform the same exercises with fewer repetitions or reducing the amplitude of swings.

You can also strengthen your back muscles at home. It is important to do the exercises correctly, strictly according to the description.

Steps and rules of carrying out of training

Training of the back muscles occurs in 3 stages:

  • power loading at which there is a pumping muscle;
  • stretching, which enshrines the basic training;
  • aerobic exercise needed to maintain overall body tone.

You need to perform the exercise correctly: slowly, without jerks, observing all the recommendations. If you feel uncomfortable, then do something wrong. Avoid strong surge to avoid injuries.

Start at light loads, with each subsequent exercise, increasing the frequency of repetitions.

To conduct correct classroom also need to breathe correctly: when the voltage do exhale when relaxing breath.

Basic training on your back

Basic training is a set the best exercises for strengthening the back muscles, which will help the body warm up, increase muscle tone, improve blood circulation and stabilize the spine. Performing the exercise regularly, you will notice how posture became straight, and the muscles strengthened.

For maximum effect, perform the following exercises:

  • Pumping press is lying. This exercise will not only help to strengthen the abdominal muscles but also involve the lower back. Lying on a Mat, bend your knees and place the hands along the body (or head). Elevate the head and shoulder blades, hovering for a few seconds. Perform 15-20 climbs.
  • Pumping of the lateral muscles of the abdomen. In the same way as the previous one, this is a good exercise will develop your back. Do the same first exercise lifts, only reach your right hand toward your left knee and Vice versa. Perform 15-20 climbs.
  • Hyperextension is the best exercise, in which the development of the back muscles occurs over a very quick period of time. Lie on a Mat face down, pull straight arms and legs. Raise the turn (and then together) extremities, hovering for a while at the top. Repeat the exercise 20-30 times.
  • Lifting opposite arms and legs, an exercise similar to the previous one. Simultaneously raise the opposite limbs. Do the exercise slowly and gently for 1 minute.

Stretching back muscles

After the main workout, be sure to do stretching, which will help to make more flexible tissues around the spine, reduce strain on joints and prevent injury. For best results, do the exercises and stretching before the workout. This will prepare muscles for physical exertion and will remove the muscle soreness.

Perform stretching slowly, trying to relax the muscles:

  • Stretching of the thighs. Exercise will not only lengthen the hamstring, but will allow the low back to prepare for the overall power load. Lying on your back, bend the knee the right leg, clasp your hands back of the thigh and pull one knee to your chest. Hold this position for a while, feeling like stretched muscles. Repeat with the left leg.
  • Raising the knees to your chest. Exercise helps relieve stress of the spine division and strengthening the spinal muscles. Lying on your back, pull both knees to your chest. Hand when it is stretched along the body. Do the exercise smoothly and without jerks 10-12 times.
  • Backbends in a standing position. Stand up straight, placing hands on hips. Slowly arch your back so as possible as you can. One foot while set forward to maintain balance. Do exercise 7-10 times, alternating legs. Such deflection not only stretch the back but and pumped the lower part of the lower back, improve breathing and the vestibular apparatus.
  • Exercise “mill”. Standing straight, position your feet wider than hips width. Do bending down without bending at the knees, trying to get a fingers opposite socks. When the left hand goes down, right goes up. Ensure that the elbows were smooth. Do the exercise clearly and dynamically.
  • The final stretching of the back. Exercise suitable for the completion of the overall workout. Sit on your knees, resting on the hips. Stretch your arms forward, and the body put on the knees. Should form a straight line from the brush fingers to the waist. So linger for a few minutes, feel the stretch the lower back.

Aerobic exercise for the back

Among the most effective aerobic exercise are:

  • the Jogging;
  • Cycling;
  • dance classes;
  • Canoeing;
  • skiing;
  • long walks in the fresh air.

Activities such training will help to strengthen your cardiovascular system, improves breathing, endurance, will add energy and supply the body with oxygen. Thanks to aerobic exercise improve mood, body tone. Over time, those who are overweight, will notice a significant improvement in the shape and decrease waist and hips.

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