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Effective exercises for flat feet at home

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Many people dream of a beautiful pumped legs. To achieve positive results is possible even without a gym membership, at home. Together, let us consider what exercises will help to pump up the legs at home.

Warm-up complex

Not rarely busy people want to know – how to build leg at home by issuing them a small amount of time. In order to proceed to the main complex of exercises you need to perform the workout. It helps to tighten and keep the body in good shape, not just legs.

Regular and correct execution of exercise equipment, will not give the desired result without a proper diet. In the warm-up, you can include different exercises: bends, turns, lunges, etc.

Warm-up complex will help to warm up the muscles and prepare them for physical activity.

Without neglecting the warm-up you eliminate the risk of injury.

These exercises are performed with a smooth increase of the load. To perform at home workout for legs focus on these exercises:

  • Tilts. In their performance should go up. Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, hands up. The chest is expanded, the abdominal muscles are tense. Bend the torso and arms down, not looking up from the floor. Next, return to the initial position. Perform 10 bends. Involved the back and shoulders.
  • Back lunges or reverse lunges. To make an effort to stretch to the top. Body flat, legs together. Hand drop down or put on the waist. To stand back supporting leg and put it in a sock. To do a squat to the formation of a right angle. The leg hold in the air while raising arms up. The knee should not extend beyond the line of the sock. Work calf muscles, abdomen and spine. Perform 10 lunges.
  • Turns body to side. From the starting position the body straight, legs apart. Hands are exposed in sides parallel to the floor, palms up. Only work the shoulders, everything else remains still. Take turns alternating left and right. Placing one hand in front of the chest, two in the back. Swinging oblique abdominal muscles, chest and back muscles. To execute 10 times.
  • Bending. Lie on your stomach. Upper chest and head off the floor as high as possible, hands apart. Perform 10 times. Work the muscles of the chest, back and arms.
  • Another effective exercise for the legs – Jogging on the spot. You need to stand up straight, bend your arms at the elbows. Now start running in place, alternately lifting his legs bending at the knee joint. Legs should be raised very high. Be completed within 60 seconds. Work all muscles of the body.
  • Mill. Torso straight, feet slightly more than shoulder width. Case you need to tip forward 90 degrees. Alternately to touch with the fingers of one hand to the opposite foot. Working the back muscles, buttocks and triceps.

Basic exercises for flat feet

For flat feet need a regular load. The execution order of the blocks does not matter much. You must make at least 2 workouts a week, increasing slightly the burden.

Let’s look at how to pump up the legs at home:

  • Classic squats. Stand up straight, hands positioned on the seam. Exhaling to pull the pelvis as before. Feet spread shoulder width apart and bend at the knees so that formed a 90 degree angle.
  • Breathing to return to its original position. Work the muscles of the pelvis and hips. To execute 10 times.
  • Deep squats. The initial position, as in normal squats. The body is reduced below the knees. It is important to stand on the floor with your whole foot and take your knees. Work the muscles of the hips, back, knees, and buttocks.
  • The chair near the wall. Be a support to the back. Then fall down, as if sitting down on a chair. Stay in this pose for some time. Go to the original position. Work buttocks, thighs and pelvic muscles.
  • Plies. Initial pose of the legs set wide apart, toes to expand outward. With his hands on hips doing squats. To execute 10 times. Work the muscles of the buttocks and thighs.
  • Nod. Stand up straight with your legs crossed. To perform the squats with an emphasis on the foot that is found. Do 15 squats.
  • Squats with weights. Stood up straight and squared his spine. Bend your arms, and take the weights. At home it can be bottles filled with water or sand. With them starting to squat, pushing your pelvis back. To execute 10 times.
  • Classic attacks. Hands on the waist, back straight. Feet slightly wider the hip line, knees slightly bent. This provision needs to step up and do the squat. The working leg should form a 90 degree angle. So you need to stand for 5 to 10 seconds. Do 15 times.
  • Side lunges. The structure of the implementation is the same as in conventional attacks. The difference is that the tabs do on the side, squatting as low as possible. In the initial position up through the push. To execute from 5 to 15 projections.
  • Running, jumping rope. It is necessary to choose the right size of the device. You need to know the height of a man. Doing the exercise on two or one legs.
  • Regular exercise with expander – sports gum. The bridge. In a lying position and resting his feet on the floor. Flatten the ends of the elastic arms to place him on the hip and pull. Perform the pelvis moves up and down.

The effectiveness and excellent results can be achieved in a few months if you follow all the recommendations.

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