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Effective exercises for biceps at home

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Many people do not have time to visit a gym, but want to pump up the biceps and get in shape. To make the body relief possible at home, devoting a minimum of free time. How to achieve positive results without gym equipment?

Training biceps

The biceps comprises the short and the long head of the muscle. Under them is brachialis. These three parts must train to succeed.

Exercise for biceps at home on the bar

Action on the bar refers to the base group. To perform a grasp the crossbar reverse grip. Hands that are close to each other. You should purchase gloves to avoid calluses.

Tips for performing push UPS:

  • When the first set should be tightened to exhaustion of the muscles.
  • A few minutes later there is a second approach, and repetition reduced in two times.
  • The third set is done after three-minute rest. The number of pull-UPS, as in the first approach.
  • The fourth set also doing after some rest. The number of repetitions, as in the second case.

For the development of endurance, you should repeat this program every other day. After some training, you can do 3 days in a row. After that one day of rest. To build muscle you need to perform 8-12 times. It is possible to use weighting to improve the efficiency. After a month of training the biceps to significantly increase. The muscles of the back will be wider.

Exercises at home for biceps using a barbell

Well developed biceps by bending the arms at the elbow. Exercise can be complete and incomplete. It depends on the amplitude of flexion. To run you must choose the right weight. It is better to choose too heavy a projectile and to pay attention to the technique of movement.

It is necessary to take in hand the rod lower grip, stand up straight against the wall and execute upgrades to your chest. The elbows should not move. The projectile rises only with the help of your biceps. Will tense head muscles that are involved.

Rod should be on keeping your elbows bent, not straight. Therefore, the biceps will always be in tension and can’t relax.

When you perform with reduced amplitude required support for the elbows. It is possible to use a stationary trainer. It adjusts the angle of inclination. If the device is not, used incline bench. It would not involve the muscles of the back, only works the biceps.

Exercises with dumbbells

If you have no dumbbells, it is possible to replace the ordinary plastic bottles. They are filled with water or sand. Before exercise you need to warm up the muscles. For this purpose the warm-up. When you perform movements you should not do heavy jerks.

It is important to breathe correctly. On the exhale, doing climbs, breath – hands down.

Exercises should be performed two times a week. A large amount of training is not required, since the muscle will not have time to recover and relax. This leads to classes without undesirable results and injury.

With dumbbells, perform these exercises:

  • Concentrated lifting on a biceps. You need to use a stool. You need to sit on it, legs apart to the sides. Hands with dumbbells are placed in the middle. Are flexion and extension. Arm rests an elbow on the leg. When flexion occurs at a right angle, running supination of the hand. Need much strain your biceps in the final position. Then repeat on your other hand.
  • Inclined lifts on the ball. Dumbbells take an ordinary grip. Should be in the supine position on the back in a special sports ball for fitness. With the help of the legs keeps the balance not to fall. Executed lifting of the dumbbells when flexion of the arms at the elbows. Do 15-20 reps 3-4 sets. Given the additional load on forearm.
  • Lifts with one hand on the ball. You must kneel. The ball is placed in one arm with a projectile. The head is not tilted. The second hand holds the balance, resting on the ball. Elbow bent and the dumbbell is raised, straining the biceps. Is to pause at the top. Then the arm straightens and returns to its original position. Runs 15-20 times 3-4 sets.
  • Lifting on a biceps. You need to stand straight and hold a dumbbell in front of him on straight arms. On the inhalation, the arms are bent, elbows are not moving. The brush flips out when lifting the projectile. Before lowering is a pause.
  • The rise of straight grip or mallets. Should stand up straight. Runs straight grip dumbbells. Arm bent gradually. To the maximum point of doing a short pause. Do 15-20 times 3-4 approach.

From these exercises, it is sufficient to choose 2-3. They can be alternated or interchanged. The main thing is not to overwork the muscle.

Exercises with expanders

A great helper for the growth of the bicep is the rubber expander. It is a rope, fastened in a circle. Before you start training, you should step on his feet. The other side is taken in hand.

You must stand up straight, lock your elbows in one position and bend the arms, not releasing the shell from his hands. The exercise is performed until failure of the muscle. If you do this movement every day in a few weeks, will see muscle growth.

Exercise the biceps with your weight

Things that it is possible to raise at home:

  • A few heavy books.
  • Bottle of plastic filled with water.
  • The rice bags.
  • Conservation from the pantry.
  • Package of washing powder with a capacity of 3 liters.

Exercises with such weights give additional load.

Recommendations for the rapid growth of the bicep

When you execute should heed these tips:

  • It is important to eat right. When you exercise on a biceps, the body needs proteins. Among the protein foods are: fish, eggs, meat. Also useful carbohydrates, which are grain bread, cereals. Protein acts as building blocks of muscle. Carbohydrates give the body energy that is consumed during workouts.
  • Classes should start on the bar. To achieve positive results, is the reverse narrow grip.
  • Needed rest and time to recover of muscles. The growth of muscle groups occurs during restful sleep, the duration of which is not less than eight hours.
  • Is to change exercises. To exercise more effective important a variety of movements.
  • The correct classes. bicep pump no more than two times per week, which depends on the speed of recovery.
  • You should increase the range of motion.

You need to eat right not only during exercise but also during recovery. The body at this time requires a large amount of amino acids contained in proteins. It is necessary to use from 2 to 2.6 grams per kilogram of body weight.

You need to eat 4 to 6 times a day that the body was filled with energy throughout the day. The protein is whey protein. It can be mixed with milk, water. Sometimes make a smoothie. Drink a cocktail before and after the training process. It is absorbed pretty quickly into the body than other food proteins.

It is important to maintain water balance. Water speeds up metabolism, promotes muscle growth.

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