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Effective exercises and proper diet for drying the body

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Effective exercises and proper diet for drying the body
The contents

  • Make the programme of exercises for lower body lower body
  • Use interval training
  • Take L-Carnitine
  • Adjust the power
  • Follow the amount of protein that you consume
  • Sleep at least 7 hours
  • Don’t overdo sports nutrition
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Bonus

When a muscle is over, you need to create beautiful clear terrain, so everyone can evaluate the result of your diligent training. It is necessary to change not only the usual exercise program, but rules of sports nutrition.

Stick to the main advice of experienced bodybuilders, it will help you to remove fat and to avoid losses in muscle mass.

Make the programme of exercises for lower body lower body

Set of workouts for marked relief involves a large number of exercises with heavy weight. This allows them to maintain muscle tone and keep the volume acquired earlier. This is very important, as during drying you stick to the diet, which reduces not only fat but also muscle mass.

Basic effective exercises for lower body lower body:

  • pull-UPS with weights;
  • thrust rod in the slope;
  • thrust dumbbells in the slope;
  • thrust rod in the rest position;
  • the leg press;
  • bench press;
  • breeding hands with dumbbells;
  • lifting barbells for biceps standing;
  • pull the lower block to the belt.

Use interval training

During interval training you lose fat through anaerobic exercise (lack of oxygen). In this case, the muscles get energy from oxygen coming from the outside, and from their body reserves. This quickly depletes fat tissue.

The essence of interval training is the rapid transition from one exercise to another, and also the constant change of pace moves. This helps prepare the body for heavier exercise.

Take L-Carnitine

L-carnitine (Levocarnitine) is a substance similar in its action on b vitamins It is the most popular fat burner among athletes. Due to the rapid splitting of the fat is the release of large amounts of energy. Taking this Supplement, you will feel the vivacity and inflow of forces, so necessary for intense training.

For the synthesis of L-carnitine in the body, you need adequate amounts of vitamins C, B3, B6 and iron. Pay attention to the composition of the drug: it is desirable to find the list of all of the above ingredients.

L-carnitine is produced in the form of tablets and capsules. It can be bought at a pharmacy or shop without a doctor’s prescription. Take 1 tablet or capsule just before starting an exercises for lower body lower body.

Adjust the power

Without changing your eating habits to get rid of excess fat will be very difficult. Exclude from the daily diet of foods high in sugar and fast carbs. Your diet should not contain empty calories that only contribute to the accumulation and not the breakdown of fats.

Create a calorie deficit, burn more than you consume — is the Foundation of the diet. Without it you will not see significant results. Gradually reduce the number of calories by 10-30 %. You have the higher the fat content in the body, the greater the need to reduce the calorie intake.

Follow the amount of protein that you consume

In your sports nutrition follow a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The ideal ratio during drying: 50/30/20. Don’t forget about the use of vitamins and minerals.

Protein has many advantages for athletes, work out the relief of muscle:

  • spends a large amount of energy in the digestion;
  • does not experience hunger;
  • normalizes the level of glucose;
  • is the building block for muscle tissue.

Sufficient amounts of protein in the diet during gyrosigma diet will quickly lead you to the desired result.

Sleep at least 7 hours

Many people ignore this rule, not knowing that lack of sleep leads to fatigue and increased anxiety. In conjunction with intense physical exercise and diet it can cause nervousness and depressed.

Muscles, for the most part, are restored during sleep, which allows you to keep their volume. Going to sleep, you’ll lose muscle mass and provoke the growth of fat tissue.

Don’t overdo sports nutrition

Many athletes make the fatal mistake of eating sports nutrition in the form of cocktails and not considering them in the preparation of their daily diet. The fact that liquid calories are more dangerous than those that you get with solid food. They satisfy your appetite and not contain “long” carbohydrates that provide the body with energy for a few hours in advance.

Experienced bodybuilders are advised not to use sports nutrition in the form of cocktails for the period of drying. Better add in diet drinks that speed the metabolism: green and ginger tea, homemade lemonade, coffee with cinnamon or without, fresh juices.

Drink plenty of water

Water takes direct part in metabolism. Ongoing research has shown that without the use of a sufficient amount of water (in addition to all the other liquids that come through food), it is impossible to achieve relief and expressive muscles.

Water balance in the body during strength training actively depleted. Without its replenishment process of the weight loss will slow down. Drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water per day. This will help to feel fresh throughout the day. Not to forget about the necessity of drinking water, set yourself a reminder in your phone or fitness tracker.

Water helps to reduce the feeling of hunger and at the same time to reduce the portion of food, so half an hour before meals drink about 200 ml of water. A few SIPS after you Wake up starts the metabolism and you will begin to burn fat before exercise for drying the body.


This advice you are unlikely to read in the Internet. But it will help you to get beautiful body.

Do not stop to achieve their goal despite all the challenges that you will face. Experienced athletes know that the first dryer the heaviest. Fat goes away slowly without any visible results. At this moment the most important thing is to continue to train, eat enough protein, to relax in the prescribed mode and within 3-4 weeks you will achieve the desired.

Why is this happening? The body’s first encounter with radical changes in the usual lifestyle. Under stress he is in no hurry to give the accumulated energy reserves. We must be patient and in several stages to overcome the protective response of the organism.

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