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Effective abdominal exercises: pumping all of the abdominal muscles

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Almost everyone dreams about a slim toned figure that will impress the opposite sex. Especially pay attention to elastic stomach pumped cubes. We have prepared effective abdominal exercises, thanks to which the torso becomes muscular.


Exercise for pumping the press

So you have a beautiful stomach pumped, you need to carry out a complex of exercises for all muscle groups.

Do not less than 3 times a week.

Do not eat food 2 hours before a workout and for hours after.


Exercise for the development of the so-called “cubes”. Lie on a Mat on your back, bend your knees at 45°. Holding hands behind head, start to slowly raise the torso, Contracting the upper abdominal muscles. Do 20 crunches.

Pumping the oblique muscles

Lie face up, bend your knees. Tear off the floor of the shoulder and alternately pull the right hand to right knee and Vice versa. Perform each exercise steadily, without undue 10 times on each side. Oblique abdominal muscles is developed.

Exercise “Planck”

Universal training for heating and pumping many types of muscles: abdominals, biceps, buttocks and legs. Take a horizontal position, stomach down and put your elbows. The body should be in a straight line: buttocks bulge. Try to hold this position as long as possible, but not less than 30 seconds.

If you are bored with a regular plank, you can complicate it, rising during the stand legs up alternately. Also you can take the legs in hand, more advanced loading buttocks.

Exercise “side plank”

Training the oblique muscles of the abdomen, systematically doing that, you will see the prominence of the lateral muscles. The exercise also involves other parts of the body. Rest the elbow of the right hand, the left position on the thigh. The trunk of the body straightened. One leg will expose slightly ahead of the other. Do not lower the pelvis down. Can last at least 1 minute. Repeat the exercise, resting on his left hand.

To complicate this bar can, lifting the body up.

Raise the arms and legs

Lie on a Mat face up, place the hands along the body, legs straight. Together slowly lift each limb up. Try to touch fingers to toes. Keep your knees straight. Take the initial position and relax. Perform 10-15 repetitions. A good exercise is pumping the lower abdomen and upper blocks.

The exercise “Bicycle”

Universal workout for abs, warming the top and bottom of the abdomen. Lying face up, make emphasis on your elbows, severing the blades from the floor. Raise the legs to 45° and alternately follow the circular movement is slightly bent at the knees legs. Do “bike” for 1 minute.

Walking with knees up

The exercise is very intense pumps lower abs. Take a lying position on the floor, rest on your elbows. Alternately, pull knees up to your chest, doing presses slowly and without jerks. When you reach the knee to the abdominal part, hold for a few seconds in this position, then slowly return leg to place.

Exercise “scissors”

Bleeding lower abdominal muscles. Lie on a Mat face up, stretch your legs, arms position along the body. Slightly lift the legs up and make them Mahi in the form of scissors. In any case do not tear off the bottom of the spine from the floor, so you can get a back injury. The lower you will keep the foot level, the better and more efficient pump lower muscles.

Exercise “the diver”

The lesson involves the lower abs. Lie on your back, tear some legs off the floor and make swings up and down with small amplitude with straight knees. Keep your spine off the floor. Do the exercise for half a minute.

Tips for fast leveling press

In order to achieve a beautiful press, it is necessary to follow some tips:

  • Observing proper diet, you can achieve the coveted cubes much faster. If you are overweight and fat layers on the stomach, especially need to eat low-calorie foods. Try to eat more vegetables, grains, eggs, boiled chicken breast and fish, in General, foods rich in vitamins, proteins and fiber.
  • Exercise training not only develop the abdominal muscles, and other body parts: legs, arms, buttocks, back, and alternate classes with cardio workouts. Beautiful elastic belly is not enough to only run the presses for the press, exercise of the muscles of the whole body will also help to achieve a slim waist.
  • Don’t come to class in a state of moral tension or stress. Training benefit will be only when you will be focused on proper technique of exercise. Visit the gym or work out at home rested, being in a good mood.
  • Observe the correct execution of the exercises: during loading do exhale and draw the belly. AB workout involves the implementation of several reps on different muscle groups. Start the clock since the moment you felt how the muscles burn.

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