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Editorial test drive: menstrual cups Fun Factory

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which is formed with the introduction of the menstrual Cup, it not only keeps the selection, but does not pass into the vagina water. With a bowl you can swim in the sea or the pool, play sports and lead a normal lifestyle.

In addition, the “carriers of bowls” is not threatened by toxic shock syndrome, which we are afraid of the labels on packages of tampons. The bowl can be changed once in 12 (!) hours, and they are reusable. That is, you don’t buy the set of cups every month, and washing, sterilizing and postpone to “better” days.

Fun Factory have two size bowls: A and B. Size A is smaller (5.3 cm; diameter 4 cm; 20 ml) and is designed for easy bleeding, for young women and those who have no children. Size larger than In (5.8 cm; diameter 4.3 cm; 30 ml) for heavy bleeding and for women who already have a child.

Because no one his size didn’t sent to the editor of EXPLORE KIT — trial kit. This is the opinion made by our editors.

Anastasia Maksimova
the editor of the section “Sex”

“I was the last who dared to try the bowl — there was too much fear and speculation. The main fear was the fact that I can’t get to her. But I sex the editor, and I know that “lost” out there bowl!
In General, wrote to a colleague that if anything, she will come to get it, and went to study.
Like many, you insert it the first time I failed — need skill. That is paste-but make sure that it was dealt — no. Still, by the way, does not always work, it depends. Inside the bowl was not there, the word “quite”, but also to understand revealed it or not, it is not so easy.
Let’s start with the pros.
First, if it is opened and everything is OK, you really just forget about it for 4-5-6 hours. I spent the night with a bowl no problem, no stain. Secondly, it is really much nicer than tampons and pads: no smell. It turns out that fresh blood is almost no smell. Thirdly, it really is eco — friendly-and this is important to me. Fourth, to get it VERY SIMPLE. No, she’s not stuck.

And now the cons. I have not yet obtained to make sure that the bowl is not leaking. Rather, sometimes it works, but not always, and you know it only after some time. When I say “missed” — I mean that to avoid stained clothes, enough for a daily strip. It is in the worst case. In the best — will remain spotless.

What to do in public, if it needs to change? I read the forums and found that the women rinsed the Cup with water from a bottle which you take with you, or do you just wipe with toilet paper. So, the first time still feel uncertainty and restraint. But the instructions say that the bowls have to get used to, and it takes sometimes 2-3 cycles.
To summarize, if I use the Cup? Definitely. I plan to give up pads and tampons and go completely on the bowl. Maybe not the first time, but then you need to give yourself time. Shouldn’t rush it”.

Alina Krasnova
the editor of the “Star”

“When I heard about the menstrual Cup, I immediately have a question: how it is placed inside, feels if the woman is not annoyed if the walls of the bowl mucosa of the vagina? I doubt that bowl will fit in me without causing discomfort. Doubts intensified when I took her in my arms, even the model of the smallest size looks impressive. And really, with the placement of the bowls had problems. The material is very soft and flexible, and the bowl is easily doubled, but still not so easy to put it in yourself — and so that it covers the cervix. Honestly, I have not yet got used to inserting it the first time, and when it fails, it is necessary to further improve the Cup is already inside, but this time offset the advantages of the bowl.

No, I did not feel a foreign body. Even using the smallest tampons I sometimes feel them in yourself — especially after a swim when the tampon absorbs water. But the bowl I did a couple of times I forgot, especially when I inserted it at night (the bowl can not be changed up to 12 hours).

Another plus — no tail from the tampon, which can be treacherous fall out of the clothes (especially a bikini or panties-thongs). I can safely strip at the fitness club or sauna, go naked out of the shower and go to bed with her man. By the way, about a shower. I think every woman, not living alone, experienced during menstruation with a problem — how to get out of the bathroom and quietly throw used tampon or pad. With a bowl the question is no longer: I washed it while taking a shower, and put back.

With the extraction of any difficulties arose. The cap has a thick tip, for which you can draw. If “tail” is far from the entrance to the vagina, the manual advises to the bowl to push its muscles and grab the cap with your finger”.

Ekaterina Sukhanova
the editor of the “Beauty”

“I knew about the menstrual Cup I’m little but try always wanted. The more that the producers promise that it is more hygienic and could protect you from any bad calls with the bacteria, if you go to the pool. To the last I never realized (but planned), but at home tried. The most difficult part for me was mounting. Neither the first nor the second time did not. Five minutes later kind of how it happened. I did this before going to sleep, during which no discomfort was not (this is a big plus!). This morning I pulled the cap (also not the first time, but there is a matter of skill-training) — and then the instructions.

To go with cap on the street (and even more so to visit or work) I decided not to, as in the office toilet in the stall, and sink in common. I would have been uncomfortable to flush him, knowing that at any moment can enter a colleague.

Overall, the experience is interesting, and sometimes memorable. On the third day, it came and went already faster. I think that I will sometimes use a menstrual Cup, but only when I’m home.”

Snezhana Hrebacka
editor of the section “Psychology”

“I have long heard about the menstrual Cup, but did not dare to try for two reasons: first, I can’t stand the feeling of a foreign body inside. That’s my thing, and it’s nothing to do.

Secondly, I have a very heavy menstrual period. “Very rich” means that two days a month I am off from work: a combination of “the large pad + night pad” is faster than I have time to get to the office. It’s just a feature of the body.

I was sure that the Cup isn’t working for me: I will not be able to wear it, and besides, she probably instantly overflows.

What I think about the Cup right now: this is the best invention of mankind, and how sad that for years I’ve suffered in vain, not daring to try!

So, I used the blue [size — approx. editor], because the pink is not the amount that is required to me. With the proper placement of the Cup was a problem: the roll and inserting it was easy, but the bowl had also refused to deal. After the third attempt I decided to leave it as is and see what happens: introduced the Cup to insure the greatest strip and ceased to think about it. After about an hour I decided to check in there, and very frightened: the bowl is gone!

In fact, she dealt with completely independently and fell into place. But to get her for the tip I couldn’t — in my case, as it turned out, the bowl goes very deep. However, it is quite easy, if you stretch the muscles.

I really don’t feel. Exactly. That is, I didn’t even trace the moment when the Cup itself cracked.

Another point, which I feared, is the process of emptying the bowl: for some reason I saw a picture in the spirit of Tarantino movies, when a fountain of blood zaspivam all around, including the camera operator. Actually no: the bowl is easily removed and the contents carefully poured. And if the Cabinet has no sink, it is possible to wipe your hands with wet wipes and wash. No one will think that you went into the booth to have a little “NAP in a dead horse”.

As for the fact that the bowl can not be changed up to 12 hours — Yes, I think it’s true. In my case, the abundant discharge her quite unexpectedly had nearly 4 hours, which to me, just a holiday. To use the Cup at night I tried it — figured that the volume is still not enough. But not so lucky with the abundant secretions I highly recommend to try.

Another nice bonus — no odors. The mixture of blood and the smell of the perfume on the strip always seemed to me absolutely sickening, and then all is lost: there is no smell at all.

An important caveat for the ladies with heavy menstrual secretions: the gasket will have to be used. And, most likely, not daily. The fact that some amount of blood still on the walls of the vagina and gradually flows. If the allocation of scarce — there’s no problem. If abundant — the strip is still dirty. Obviously, it’s not the bowl leaking, but just that such residual effects. But still it is a happiness to replace the huge and thick night laying on a very ordinary, thin and small. In my case, the pads took two: on the heaviest day of menses. Then the flow is slightly exhausted, and it was possible to forget that you menstruation: insert the Cup in the shower and go half a day with clean underwear — before the evening shower. Perfect!

In General, I have not found menstrual cups have no flaws, except one: why the hell didn’t I try her sooner?”

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