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ECO: how to choose a clinic?

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one of every six couple has difficulty in conceiving and carrying. And this figure is growing every year. What to look for when choosing a fertility clinic? Here is a list of basic questions and answers.

1. Does the clinic of reproductive psychologist?

You’ve probably heard that the body comes from the head? In terms of infertility treatment really is to start with a psychologist. Doctors now frequently talking about the so-called psychological infertility, when the results of the surveys both partners are completely healthy, but nevertheless to conceive a child fails. Why is this happening? Options may be several.

First, it is the unconscious fears and anxieties. Our body is an amazing complexity to the system. If a woman is experiencing due to financial instability, or not sure I want a baby from this man, or just not yet ready to make a break a career, her brain can give the body a signal about what to prevent conception is impossible.

Secondly, couples often face pressure from family and friends. “And are you planning children? And when? How much can you save, because the biological clock is ticking!” It can become a source of constant stress, which often prevents conception.

Finally, the woman, on the contrary, may be so much to dream about motherhood that this becomes excessive emotional stress for the body. And the result is the same — with complete physical health pregnancy does not occur.

In all these cases, work with a competent reproductive psychologist can solve the problem.

But even if infertility caused by physical reasons and no therapy dispensed, counseling is still necessary, so it is important that the clinic’s professional specialists.

For example, in the Center of assisted reproductive technologies MEDSI

works reproductive psychologist who helps couples to deal with family conflicts, to remove emotional stress, to make informed choices in treatments available and tactfully tells about all the intricacies of the IVF procedure.

Psychological support is needed at the stage of the stimulation (when the woman becomes very emotional at the expense of the drugs), at the stage of puncture (to reduce anxiety) and during embryo transfer (because the result is a very exciting period).

Calm and confident, which can give a psychologist can significantly enhance the chances of success.

2. Being in the hospital all the necessary tests?

When you first access the reproductive system of a woman to determine the follicular reserve, conduct ultrasound of the pelvic organs, do tests on certain hormones — FSH, LH and AMH (they must pass on the 2-4th day of cycle).

As for men, here everything is much easier. Semen analysis is a simple and painless analysis — helps to detect and prevent most causes of male infertility.

3. What equipment is in use in the clinic?

Obviously, technology is not standing still. And if the clinic follows the latest developments and use only modern equipment is a big plus.

The fact that the embryo outside the mother’s body is extremely vulnerable. A slight change in temperature, pH, medium composition cultivation, not to mention the emergence of pathogenic microorganisms that can negate all the efforts. Therefore, the choice of equipment for the IVF clinic is very important, because the equipment should not only strictly maintain the given parameters, but also to protect from contamination to be safe for the embryos and convenient for the daily work of embryologists.

In the clinic MEDSI installed equipment, proven in the practice of IVF clinics around the world.

In addition, the lab is only the special medical furniture, all surfaces are processed every day. Here there shall be no hospital staff, in addition to embryologists, even a reproduction, conducting an ECO, do not have access to this room.

4. How the laboratory?

The result of IVF is influenced by many factors. Among them, temperature, biochemical composition of the environment, the cellular environment in the laboratory. In AMC for cleaning of outside air from the particles of impurities channel set four-stage air purification system. All equipment IVF laboratory is connected to an uninterruptible power supply, and the building’s ventilation system provides a separate flow of air in a separate zone. In MEDSI try to increase the chances of success in all possible ways. Imagine: at work in the clinic even non-Smoking employees!

5. How is the quality?

Even small fluctuations of temperature or of CO2 concentration in incubators can adversely affect the embryos. In a good clinic, these and other parameters are constantly under control.
In MEDSI temperature and CO2 in the laboratories measured using several individual instruments — thermometers, gas analyzers and other. There is even a device that allows you to continuously collect data on parameters during cultivation. The device’s sensors permanently located in the places where it is required, and transmit the data to a Central controller. For example, if the lab the temperature starts to fall, the laboratory employee will immediately receive a TEXT message with a warning.

6. Is there a possibility of accompanying therapy at the same clinic?

It happens that in the course of the examination of the women or men are diagnosed with health problems that are not associated with infertility. It is important that at the stapes center had the opportunity to organize consultations and treatment. In the Center of assisted reproductive technologies MEDSI this problem is solved: if necessary, you can get treatment from other professionals in the Clinic MEDSI on the bag. After the medical Board will be adjusted treatment in the Department of art. This approach will make the treatment more comfortable and not to lose precious time.

Choosing a clinic for IVF, do not hurry. First you need to get detailed answers to these important questions and then make a decision.

Give your loved ones health care!

For examinations and consultations by various experts in the network of clinics MEDSI you can not only register itself. All that you can give to those you care about. With a gift card MEDSI someone you love, will be available to all modern medical services.

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