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Eat up for lunch: scientists have explained why it is useful for the figure

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Scientific data

A study published in the American journal of clinical nutrition, proves that if lunch is the most caloric meal of the day, you can lose weight faster.

It was attended by 80 women 18-45 years with overweight and obesity who ate a high-calorie lunch or dinner (half daily allowance) for 12 weeks. For Breakfast and snack was supposed to have 15% for dinner or lunch depending on the group — 20%.

It turns out that a diet of 1500 calories per day for 225 were small meals, and then 750 on the core and 300 on the rest. In addition, the diet was rich in carbohydrates (60%) and poor in saturated fats. 17% of calories — protein, 23% fat, 400 grams of fruit or vegetables. Five times a week were one-hour “sports activity” (brisk walking).

Those who ate the most at lunch, lose weight faster — almost 6 kg vs 4. And their BMI also decreased faster.

Is it worth to try?

Why rich lunch helps you to lose weight? The main reason is the slowdown in the development of insulin, so the sugar does not rise to peak values and the person is not feeling hungry soon after eating.

It is important to understand that participated in the testing of people with a sufficient amount extra pounds. If you need to lose a couple, you are unlikely to achieve the same result. Nevertheless, there is in lunch instead of dinner all the more profitable because then the body runs more evenly and prevents excess blood sugar. Besides, you risk nothing, because the hunger and reduce caloric intake is not necessary.

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