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Eat right – live many years: 15 products that feed on long-lived

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1. Almonds

These nuts are rich in healthy fats and protein. In addition, you can use them in many dishes: sprinkle the yoghurt, add to baking, use almond flour and milk.

2. Apple cider vinegar

Some centenarians diluted with water and drink slowly throughout the day, others from 30 g instead of tequila. This advice should be used with caution!

3. Avocado

It has more phosphorus than the banana, a lot of other nutrients and good fats.

4. Legumes

They help to regulate cholesterol levels and pressure, improves digestion and contain a lot of useful information.

5. Berries

Rich in antioxidants, slow aging, and perfectly complement the taste of desserts.

6. Black pepper

Source of antioxidants and destroyer of fat cells. Make food spicier!

7. Broccoli

Rich in antioxidants, can be part of Breakfast, salad or side dish.

8. Cinnamon

Lowers blood sugar, reduces inflammation in the stomach, goes well with coffee instead of sugar.

9. Coffee

Reduces the risk of diabetes and certain cancers, and in the company of spice improves health if not abused.

10. Garlic

Thanks to allicin helps to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol, and also takes care of the immune system.

11. Honey

Rich in antioxidants, sugar substitutes, and it can be eaten by itself.

12. Protein shakes

Some centenarians and old age look like bodybuilders! They’re exercising after sports drink protein shakes.

13. Spinach

It is difficult to name the vitamin or mineral that wasn’t in it. And that is: phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium, vitamins B6, B9, C, E and K.

14. Eggs

Due to the high content of protein — the perfect snack. They are good for the eyes, brain, and preserve a slim figure.

15. Tea

Relaxes the muscles, takes care of the health of the stomach and quenches thirst.

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