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Eat a banana! Interesting cattily without penalty carbohydrates

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How it works?

Target kettiya (targeted ketogenic diet) — this is the ability to add carbs after the body will move into a stage of ketosis, so it starts to use fats as fuel. Specialists recommend to go to the target version after two months of regular ketogenic diet.

The body already knows how to use ketones, but gets the ability to quickly convert glucose into energy. You can eat 20 of “extra” grams of carbs an hour before workout and immediately after.

In this case, the body will not burn muscle for energy, because it has enough glucose. The rest of the time will continue ketosis. Accordingly, the muscles recover faster and muscle mass increases.

Of course, very important, what carbohydrates you eat. Don’t start with chocolate and end with pizza. Nutritionists recommend, potatoes, rice or fruit. Yet you are on a diet, but do not throw in the mouth what your eyes on. Moreover, unhealthy carbs can take the body out of ketosis or cause indigestion.

Is it worth to try?

To understand whether you fit this diet, it is best to consult with experts. For example, if you chose keto because of health, it may be worth it to stay.

If you need to exercise, this option is good because you get the maximum benefit from food and from training. Particularly useful target kettiya those who value maximum stamina who loves strength training and crossfit. The main thing — do not forget to verify whether the body uses ketones the rest of the time.

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