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Dwayne Quamina second Phil Heath at Mr. Olympia 2018

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Coming next week the biggest show of bodybuilding and fitness Mr.Olympia-2018 prepares the fans of this sport new names in the list of speakers, athletes. This newcomer is an American bodybuilder Kwamina Dwayne (Dwayne Quamina), debuted on the professional scene last year and immediately received a direct qualification for the Olympia for the victory at PHOENIX PRO 2017. Then Dwayne in the opinion of the judges of the IFBB Pro was ahead by two points “Killer of giants” Shawn Clarida (Shaun Clarida) and was recorded in the September applicants easy 212 lb. Now in training for responsible posing in Las Vegas athlete well added in amounts of muscle and has made a qualitative separation than, according to the coach Bleu Taylor (Bleu Taylor), approached the form of the Mr. Olympia in the open division, Phil Heath (Phil Heath). For zayavleni Kwamina on the Instagram page, he already cleaned the carbs and milk from your diet.

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