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During and after anorexia: 10 pictures of people who managed to survive

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a young ballerina, shamed at the ballet school: she was given the nickname “Giant hip”. The girl was sure that ballet is the main business of her life, and began to lose weight. She managed to stay at the last moment. Now Margaret continues to dance and absolutely not worried that her hips may not meet the strict standards of ballet — the world’s many other dances!

The difference in one year. “I know that you have lost yourself, but I also know that you can save! Everything can be brought back”

Matthew Booth survived clinical death. It was after this he started his journey to recovery. Fortunately, doctors managed to help him.

Danny Wall dreamed of becoming the best player in his football team, but that he had to lose a little weight. “A little bit” turned into anorexia, which Danny was able to cope for 4 months. In fact, it’s amazingly fast.

Hoping to lose the last “extra” grams of Ellie Litsov banned not only eat, but to drink. She was taken to the hospital dying, in a state of extreme exhaustion and dehydration.

Lynn Stranberg managed to survive by consuming only 400 calories a day, her heart ceased to function properly — with the risk of a heart attack she got to the hospital. Now she is healthy and happy. And engaged in bodybuilding.

“I have no more fear. I’m not going to wear any special things or resort to other tricks to appear thinner than I really are. Whoever looks at me can call me imperfect — I don’t care!”

Jody Lee Neil became anorexic after her best friend died in a car accident. To cope with the disease helped her a message to doctors that she too will soon die.

Doctors gave Haley Wilde only 10 days to make a fateful decision: she was so exhausted that longer simply would not have lived. Now she recovered and gave birth to a beautiful son.

Nicole king proposed to say good-bye to family and friends: she went into multiple organ failure — the internal organs were denied, the doctors had given her a chance to live. But the girl survived. And managed to become a champion in bodybuilding!

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