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Dumbbell fitness: how to choose a shell and universal exercise

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Dumbbell fitness: how to choose a shell and universal exercise

The contents

  • How to choose the weight of the shells for exercise
  • Fitness program workouts with dumbbells
  • For more tips on performing physical activity

Many women, especially novice athletes mistakenly believe that the exercises with dumbbells is intended solely for the study of hands. The share of truth in this: originally this shell was involved in the fitness exercise for training arms and shoulders. Now dumbbells are widely used in various physical loads such as power and aerobic in nature. This simple but effective projectile will allow each woman to efficiently develop the desired muscle groups, strengthen the body and develop stamina.

How to choose the weight of the shells for exercise

Order physical exercise not caused damage to the spine and did not lead to injuries of the joints should be to choose the right weight dumbbells.

Women to perform basic exercises suitable initial projectile weight 1-2 kilograms. These dumbbells are considered to be underweight, but for the first workouts they will fit perfectly as the adaptation and development of technology.

Gradually increases physical performance, you can safely change weights more heavy. As a rule, to increase the mass of shells should be every 2-3 months 1-1. 5 kg. the Main indicator during fitness training — personal comfort. If using dumbbells causes pain and discomfort is probably the weight of the projectile is matched correctly.

The weight of the dumbbells can be increased before: if the level of physical fitness allows women to switch to high weights without any damage to the joints, or if the class has been sporting a standstill (plateau).

Fitness program workouts with dumbbells

Before performing physical activity it is recommended to do a thorough stretching. Warming the muscles will allow you to exercise efficiently and without injury. To warm up use the basic movements of stretching, rotation of joints, as well as light running, sit-UPS or walking in place.

  • Side lunges.

This physical exercise with dumbbells helps to develop the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. If the exercise to activate the upper shoulder girdle, in the training actively involved and hands on. Gradually increasing the intensity, speed and amplitude of movements, it is possible to make buttocks strong, elastic, and embossed, and thighs toned.

Stand in flat rack, legs position slightly wider than the hips. Hands with dumbbells bend your elbows so that shells placed on the biceps. On the inhale, perform the side lunge on the right leg, exhale return to the starting position. In the next breath make a lunge on the left leg, then return to starting position on exhale. Perform alternating lunges 3-4 sets of 10-12 times.

To increase the efficiency of the exercise, connect to the work of the leg on the lunge stretch out your arms with dumbbells up or dilute them in the sides. This physical exercise will certainly also help to develop coordination of movements. The main rule of successful training execution to the maximum of the squat to the lunge until you feel tension in the popliteal and femoral ligaments.

  • Deadlifts.

One of the best exercises for strengthening muscles of the bark and back muscles. The important thing is to follow the correct sequence of movements.

Stand up in a smooth stance, feet position shoulder width of the pelvis. Slightly bend your knees, and give the body forward 15-20 degrees. Hold the dumbbells front grip in front of him. On the inhale, tilt the case until the shells will not be at the level of the knees. Do not change the position of the feet, the movement to exercise the muscles of the lower back and hip joint. Dumbbells should slowly slide to the limit point, without jerks and stops. Bring the shells to the knees and slowly take the initial position. On the rise strain the muscles of the buttocks. Do the 3-4 day length of 10-12 repetitions.

  • Lifting, mixing and dilution of the hands.

Stand up straight, hands with dumbbells pull along the body. On the inhale lift the straightened limbs in front of him to the level of the shoulder joints. On the exhale, spread the shells in different directions, keeping them on the same trajectory. On inhale raise your hands with dumbbells up above the head. On the exhale, lower the shells to the original point, stretching his arms along the body.

This load is perfectly develops coordination of movements, improves mobility of the shoulder joints, strengthens all the beams of the deltas and triceps. The movement should be quick but smooth. During the execution of fitness training to strain the muscles of the upper back, and most of the load transfer on the muscles of the forearms and chest. Perform the item in 3-4 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

  • The chest press.

The chest press is effective exercise dumbbells developing the muscles of the arms and thoracic. Women can do it both on flat bench and on the floor. The most effective this load is the weight: in this case actively being worked through biceps, triceps, front of the Delta, and muscle-stabilizers. With regular pumping of these zones, women will be able to achieve a beautiful athletic relief hand without unnecessary muscle mass.

Lie on the horizontal surface. Pick up a pair of shells and the limbs bend at the elbows. Chin lift, eyes were fixed on the up. On the inhale straighten your arms with dumbbells and lift them above you, parallel to each other. At the peak voltage lock out your arms in static position for 2-3 seconds, then return them to the starting position.

During the exercise engage the muscles of the shoulder girdle without transferring the tension on wrists and joints. When performing bench press elbows use different side of yourself. Perform load 2-3 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

  • Twisting with dumbbells.

Basic crunches will develop great abdominal muscles, especially if the burden of their weights. Intense exercise will allow you to get a nice belly without exhausting strength training.

Lie on the floor, legs slightly bend your knees. Pick up a pair of bursts of medium-weight (3 to 6 kg). Pull the dumbbells in front of you. On the inhale lift your back from the floor to 30-45 degrees, keeping a smooth position and posture without changing the position of the hands. On the exhale, return to the prone position.

The load is considered to be quite complex, so it is recommended to perform women practicing active sports life with regular fitness training. Due to the fact that exercise megacomplexes, and includes an active phase (crunches) and isometric exercises (static position), the body is being worked out is much more effective than conventional crunches without additional weight.

For more tips on performing physical activity

To physical exertion with weights to give maximum benefit, you should consider some important nuances.

Classes 3-4 times per week: loads must be systematic. Skipping workouts leads to loss of the result and appearance of the plateau.

Also experts advise to arrange between sets, rest only 20-30 seconds. So muscles have time to relax before the new approach.

To complete the exercise you must correctly: at the end of classes run 5-6 standard items from the stretching program. Gentle stretching will relax the muscle fibers and relieve the unpleasant effect of delayed onset muscle soreness.

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