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Drying body for girls

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Slender, toned body is always fashionable and beautiful. This pledge of confidence and attractiveness to others. In this article, we’ll discuss the “drying” of the body as a way to get closer to the ideal shapes and settings without harm to health.

What is it?

Drying of the body is called the complex of techniques aimed at the study of subcutaneous fat. This is a great way to remove excess volume and create a beautiful relief of the body.

However, with this method it is necessary to approach responsibly. A strict diet for drying, limited list of products painted on the clock eating and regular exercises can be a real challenge for your willpower.

Conventionally, the entire process can be divided into 3 stages: preparation, the drying and exit.

Since this method of burning fat requires serious strength and cardio, as well as severe restrictions in the diet, it is impossible to remain in a state of “drying” for a long time. As a rule, it takes about 4 weeks.

Athletes use this method in order to bring the body in shape before the competition. Without drying not to do in bodybuilding, powerlifting and the competition “Miss bikini”. However, after leaving and returning to a normal diet, the training regime, the effect gradually disappears. So you need to understand what goals you set for yourself.


Drying body for girls is somewhat different from the masculine that is connected with biological peculiarities of the female body. Thus, the subcutaneous fat is mainly accumulated in the abdomen and hips. For getting rid of him must limit the intake of carbohydrates, compared with the male diet.

The basic principle of power for drying is in a “calorie deficit”. That is, we spend more than we consume. The second, equally important goal is to speed up the metabolism, allowing the body to get energy from metabolized fat, and not to put them “in reserve”.

Consider the basic rules for drying:

  • Reduce the intake of carbohydrates to a minimum (no more than 10% of the total diet). However, it is important to do it gradually so the body has time to adapt and move to a new diet. To stay should be on complex carbohydrates (oatmeal, bread) and eat them in the morning.
  • The basis of the focus on protein (about 50 – 60% of the total diet). Its sources are meat, fish, and legumes. The female body is easier to digest plant-based protein because of the hormone estrogen.
  • Only unsaturated fats. So you’ll have to give up fatty meat (pork, beef), dairy products, etc. will be Useful, nuts and sea fish. Only not canned, as there is too much salt.
  • Allocate 4-6 meals a day. The ideal is every 3 hours in small portions. It is important to count calories. The highest percentage should have for Breakfast, and 2/3 should be consumed before 6 PM. Don’t forget that you should not eat at least an hour before training. In addition, it is advisable to eat within the hour after exercise and 3 hours before bedtime. Excessive drinking (average 3 liters of water a day). To increase the amount of fluid intake can be gradually 20%. Water helps to cleanse the body and speeds up metabolism. The key to a beautiful body – 2 cups on an empty stomach in the morning, and a glass half an hour before a meal.

Summing up, it can be noted that the menu on drying for girls must include:

  • lean meat (chicken),
  • low-fat dairy products,
  • seafood
  • fruits in small quantities,
  • vegetables (except potatoes),
  • complex carbohydrates.

Leaving the process of drying the body, it is important to restore your eating habits and a balanced diet. To avoid rapid weight gain, should abandon flour, sweet and salty.


Aside from diet, an important aspect of drying the body is a sport. The emphasis is on split-training and aerobic exercises., at the time, both men the priority is work with weights.

Since the drying of the body burning fat is slower than the decay of muscles, regular exercise is necessary to keep the body in shape. To burn fat recommended 4 cardio workouts per week, lasting 30-45 minutes. This can be running, swimming, jumping rope, etc. should Also be given time to two strength training for an hour to develop muscle mass. Pay attention to is on basic exercises: squats (with weights), push-UPS with weights, lunges, work with dumbbells, barbells and exercise machines in the gym. In General, the ideal formula: 4 sets of 20 repetitions with 30 seconds and a five-minute rest between different exercises.

Remember, however, that any exercise should start with warm-up and warm up muscles, and finish the hitch and stretching.

If you are not able to go to the gym, do not rush to give up. Exercises on the drying body for girls at home – a very affordable way for each of the fair sex, who wants to achieve the coveted “perfect” forms.

Most popular exercises:

  • Lifting dumbbells. Pushups with weights and pullups on the crossbar. This complex allows to work out the arm muscles (biceps, triceps) and shoulders.
  • Twisting. Lifting legs in vis on the crossbar. Strap. Perfect body exercises.
  • Can’t do without squats. Variants with narrow and wide of foot, and weighting. The muscles of the buttocks will thank you.
  • Lunges and leg lifts from a standing position, lying down. Pumping thighs.

This is a basic set of strength exercises aimed at maintaining and developing muscle mass.

Cardio training: running (ideally interval), walking, jumping rope, jumping in the squat and many others.

Remember, it is important not to overdo it with the workouts and give the body a chance to recover, especially in conditions of severe dietary restrictions. Otherwise there is a risk to “plant” the heart.

Note: you must track your progress. For example, to measure the weight and volume of the body every 3 days (normal care of fat is about 1 kg per week). This will help you adjust your actions in case of a small effectiveness and the visible results will motivate you to work on.

Be healthy, beautiful and successful in achieving goals!

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