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Drying body: fitness workout relief for girls

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Drying body: fitness workout relief for girls
The contents

  • Drying the body: the technique
  • The key principles of fitness training to give relief
  • The main aspects of fitness for drying the body
  • The features of the process
  • Important recommendations for effective exercises for relief

The dream of many women, actively involved in fitness — to have not just a toned body, but also clearly delineated the relief of muscle. In this case not to do without special drying programs of the body, which includes a complex training in the strength and special low calorie diet. Drying is needed to correctly highlight lines pumped up muscles, make them more visually noticeable.

Drying the body: the technique

The leading purpose of drying: the emergence of the bump body surfaces and clearly defined contours of the muscles. Technique fitness is focused on reducing the mass of subcutaneous fat to 8% while maintaining the existing volume of muscle fibers. By eliminating the excess fat formed well-defined lines and bold relief of the muscles.

Maintaining optimal energy balance is important for good growth of muscle fibers. It is important to know that muscle burns faster than fat. Therefore, during the active sessions on the formation of the body, special attention should be paid to their proper nourishment. Carbohydrates — main source of energy and proteins necessary for the formation of muscle tissue.

Without the presence of a certain amount of muscle mass drying impossible. As they have nothing to draw and outline. The program to give the body relief is initially based on a military fitness training on a set of desired muscle mass.

The key principles of fitness training to give relief

The process of burning fat and increment muscle mass should be smooth and balanced. Workouts are based on circular sets with many repetitions of certain exercises with fairly light weights, which are selected according to the individual options and level of training. The duration of one training session is 50-60 minutes.

The main objective of such programs: getting rid of excess fat. For girls the most effective dose of moderate intensity cardio, especially when combined with strength training.

Despite the fact that cardio training improves endurance and trigger the fat burning processes of power fitness training form the necessary muscular corset and increases the strength of muscle fibers.

Training plan for girls is recommended to be based on a split method, as it allows you to effectively get rid of the accumulated layers of fat without losing muscles. Each day of the program is given on the study of certain parts of the body and certain muscle groups. Work is being done to capacity, the latest iteration in the approaches must be performed with difficulty.

When working on relief training program in addition to the basic mnogosloinykh exercise and work at the gym can combine additional items from a variety of fitness techniques: cross-fit, plyometric, aerobics, martial arts.

Efficacious fitness workout drying for a week consists of 3 strength program alternating with 3 interval cardio training. The training consist of 5-8 different sports elements, aiming at the elaboration of one or more muscle groups.

For each exercise, you must perform 3 sets of 8-10 reps. Between training rounds allowed 2-3 minutes of rest to recover and bring the heart rate back to normal.

The main aspects of fitness for drying the body

To give the body relief necessary for the optimal combination of strength fitness and nutrition. The main points that need to be guided in the preparation of training programs for relief:

  • selection of fitness items and weights is tailored to the individual characteristics of the performer;
  • the training sets consist of repetitive exercises;
  • be sure to enable isolated exercises for the study of problem areas;
  • the recommended frequency of training 5-6 times a week;
  • prior to the preparation of the program required a complete revision of the power system.

The features of the process

The drying process can proceed only after the accumulation of the optimal amount of muscle mass.

Drying reduces the waist, gives relief to muscle fibres, improves their visible separation. But keep in mind that this is a significant stress to the body and it requires from the contractor sufficient willpower and a certain toughness. Therefore, after serious strength training sets with the weights before drying is important to give the body a couple of rest days.

To the fore in the program muscle drying out diet. It needs to be low in calories, malouglevodnomu, but it is enriched with protein and fiber. The transition to a new diet should be gradual and smooth: ideally, if it will be held for 10-12 days.

The intensity of the fitness workout in the first days of drying should remain at the same level. In the following days of training, depending on being used weight can be reduced by 10%. Too strong a reduction in habitual load (20%) can start the process of burning muscle mass and not fat.

Important recommendations for effective exercises for relief

To produce the desired result without any harm to health you must comply with the following guidelines:

  • Mandatory short rest breaks between sets. Non-stop operation may adversely affect the functioning of the cardiovascular system and entail unpleasant consequences for the organism. But excessive cardio may cause excessive loss of muscle mass.
  • Must be strict adherence to correct principles, a fractional power and create a deficit of 200-300 calories. From the diet should completely eliminate starchy and sweet, fatty foods and fast carbs. The menu should consist of foods rich in fast-digesting protein and fiber. A day should be up to 6 meals consisting of small portions.
  • Welcome compiling individual training programs taking into account the anthropometric parameters of the person, his level of fitness and current health status.
  • We need a clear intensification of training: the minimum amount of rest between sets, pause at point of peak contraction, slow negative execution phase of the fitness program elements, the coupling of anaerobic and aerobic types of loads in one training.
  • Required to maintain adequate neuromuscular communication: when performing each exercise, try to feel the contraction and stretching of muscle fibers.
  • The program does not work without the correct mode of the day. Strict adherence to the diet, supplemented by strength training combined with high intensity cardio exercises will soon bring hard-working performers a toned athletic body with clearly defined, traced the muscles.
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