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Drink without pass: why is “on the pill” can also be pregnant?

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How can you get pregnant on the pill.

By and large, the question is how careful do you in. Perfect reception every day at the same time with no gaps, then they are effective more than 99%.

But crashes happen at all. If you do not take 1-2 doses per month or take the pill late (from 3 to 24 hours depending on the type), the effectiveness of the contraception decreases to 91%.

Tool combination (estrogen + progestin) more reliable than the pill containing only progestogen (minipill). Latest time-sensitive appointment because they thicken vaginal and make a thinner layer of cells lining the fundus. Then the sperm gets to the egg. But after one missed dose and everything is back to normal and you have to use a condom.

Combined pill still prevent the ovaries from releasing eggs. Because of the fact that the effect lasts for a long time, in the month is the week of “blank” pills.

I forgot, now what?

If you forgot to take COCK, do it as soon as you remember or take two pills at once. In the case of the mini-pill also need to accept when you remember, but not two in a row. And two days use a condom in addition to tablets.

Some medications also reduce the effectiveness of pills: antibiotics, antifungal, anticonvulsant.

What to do if I got pregnant?

Stop taking the pills immediately! With them the risk of development of pathologies of the child above, although in reality this is not yet proven. But better not to risk it. Discuss with your doctor further steps, based on their understanding of the situation.

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