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Drink carrot juice! 7 reasons to love him right now

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1. Strengthens the immune system

In the season of disease is especially important. Besides healthy nutrition, sleep and sports, can drink a glass of carrot juice, which has a lot of vitamin C. And it is known that the body itself can not produce.

2. Improves vision

Know it almost all, and it’s true: vitamin A — not only a powerful antioxidant and an important nutrient resource for the eyes. Lack of vitamin A causes night blindness.

3. Helps to not eat junk food

When you want something to eat, you can grab a candy or chips. But if instead you drink carrot juice, the feeling of fullness will remain. Glass of juice more than 2 grams of protein and dietary fiber, so it’s the perfect snack.

4. Improves skin condition

Thanks to vitamins A and C, the skin heals faster, it produces more collagen, and cells become healthier.

5. Helps to control pressure

If you suffer from hypertension, carrot juice will definitely help. Potassium helps to remove the negative impact of salts and to keep the pressure under control. Also potassium is good for the heart.

6. Helps with stomach issues

Carrot juice will help if the abdomen is bloated: reduces gas, and promotes normal digestion.

7. Lowers cholesterol

In addition to pressure carrot juice helps to control the cholesterol level, which beneficially affect the health of the organism as a whole.

If you don’t like carrots in the form of juice, eat it just like that, this option is not worse. But in juice you can add, for example, cream — and get a full meal for Breakfast!

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