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Drink but not get drunk: dispelling 3 common myths about alcohol

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Myth # 1: alcohol is harmful only if you drink constantly

If you can’t stop or drink a little, but literally every day, is likely to lead to serious health problems:

  • problems with the liver;
  • high blood pressure;
  • diseases of the heart and lungs;
  • cancer.

This is not new and is known to many people.

But there are other threat aspects related to the use of alcohol, and it’s not just frequency.

Myth # 2: one-time drinking large amounts of alcohol does not threaten

Remember drink 4-5 cocktails a couple of hours? This amount is damaging to health, especially if you’re not doing this the only time in my life.

Fresh study about the impact of this event (in English it’s called binge drinking — “drinking not looking”) on the liver of mice showed that only 7 weeks, periodic “napisania” much harm. Bad and the pattern of such behavior, because the liver needs to cleanse the body of toxins, but if the alcohol (a toxin) will do it often, it will not have time to recover.

Myth # 3: careful consumption of alcohol is good for health

You probably heard that a glass of red wine in the evening good for the heart. Nice to think that the presence of alcohol is healthier for his absence, right? Actually it is not so.

If you compare the reduced risk of heart attack and development of type II diabetes among those who drink little and those who do not drink at all, it is noticeable that drinking disrupts the function of other organs. So abstinence is still better to use (as indeed it should be, logically).

However, experts are not inclined to ban alcohol altogether from the small amount of anything is not disturbed. It is believed that “little” is two servings (roughly a bottle of beer) per day for men and one for women. The choice is up to you.

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