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Drink a multivitamin? We will tell, than really to support the diet

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you will be surprised, but “balanced” complexes chemically created vitamins — edged sword. Actually it’s not so simple as we think. Multivitamins are digested much more complicated substances that we get from food. And are you sure about what you need is the entire set of fifty-five chemical elements? Even scientists still do not know what long-term effect can be obtained from complexes that contain three or more vitamins.

In the world of science increasingly find the idea: the collected “manually” vitamins do more harm than good. It is much wiser to stick with a balanced diet and aiming to add just an extremely important matter. Such substances in fact, not so much. Here they are:

Item 1: the fatty acid omega-3. Strictly speaking, omega-3 need and men, and the elderly, and children. But for us girls, they are important in the first place. Unsaturated omega-3 fats in large quantities are part of the structure of cell membranes, therefore, responsible for tissue regeneration, hydration of the skin and prevent premature aging of tissues. But most importantly, due to the complex mechanism of omega-fats actually protect against weight gain. And this is their radical difference from saturated fats we get from meat, baked goods, convenience foods and fast food. The extra weight we are gaining faster than men, and it hurts us a lot more.

The most eminent experts today leave us no doubt: overweight is a real threat to the nation — it: a) prevents conception, and b) increases the risk of low birth”margin of safety”. No matter whether you’re a child 6 months or 6 years.

Food-source omegas, one is a saltwater fish. The volume of fish consumption in our country has always been low, and today — prices — are falling every day. Pounds of fresh salmon will cost at least fifteen hundred rubles. Herring and mackerel more available to the purse, but who of us eats at least the fish consistently twice a week? And the meaning of a balanced diet in regularity: to get enough omega-acids, eat fish you need through the day.

Therefore coming from all channels recommendations to drink cod liver oil — not an empty phrase. This is one of the most sensible recommendations that are objectively important for a healthy lifestyle.

What to prefer — fish or “complex omega-3”? Up to you, but the difference will be approximately the same as that between fresh and reconstituted juice. In the first case you get the juice out of this Apple. The second diluted from concentrate drink.

Can I get omega from flax oil? Yes, one of the three (ALA) and any of those whose use is proven on the body (DHA, EPA). If you’re a vegetarian, replace the fish oil for oil of algae, their profile is identical.

Element 2: vitamin D.

It is often attributed to hormones and called the new “elixir of life”. Low vitamin D intake in young and older people is associated with weight gain and depression. But most importantly, what you need to know girls, today confirmed that hormone D plays a major role in the regulation of the functions of the reproductive system. If you ever want to conceive and give birth to healthy children, with vitamin D we should be friends closely today.

Vitamin is a hormone formed by the sun. But “nasacort” it is not so easy. In our country you can get it through the skin only 4 months of the year, and to stock up will not work. Always need to remember that the sun damages all structures of the skin, destroying collagen and disrupts the energy supply of cells. Reason today every face cream manufacturers are trying to add UV filters.

In food vitamin D is virtually absent. The only adequate source — cod liver oil, which is called an Amateur. If you have already bought fish oil and it is made of cod liver — bingo! The desired level of true women vitamin you guaranteed.

Element 3: this nutrient leave for dessert. And yet — from theory to practice.

The fish oil today so rasieren — note: deservedly so — that produce it all and Sundry. On the shelf you will see about 10 different packages at a price from 30 to 3000 rubles. Want to spend the money wisely, keep lifehack: ask the fish oil for pregnant women. If a part is real fish oil, and the packaging is written in plain text “pregnant”, buy it without hesitation.

First, in the manufacture of products for pregnant women is much more restrictive and the company to thoroughly monitor the quality of the product. And secondly, the fish oil for pregnant women contains folic acid. Remember, we promised to tell you about Nutr 3 from the list of women’s vitamins? It is just folic.

Folic acid is so important for the female body (and its deficiency is so common in the world), that in Europe, producers of flour, for example, legally obliged to add it to your product. So in the developed countries hope to solve the problem of insufficient consumption of vitamin responsible for the health of the nation and future generations. Every girl who will ever become a mother, should take folic acid even before pregnancy.

If you ask at the pharmacy the product is for pregnant you’re embarrassed, use one of the online services for free delivery to the pharmacy. The pharmacy will only give the number of the order and to pay.

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