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“Dragon flag” – a cool drill press

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“Dragon flag” – a cool drill press

What do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Proper nutrition and lightweight supply? Many to this list and add more sessions to the press. To understand what set of exercises for the formation of good press will be most effective and gives the best result, it is necessary to understand how the system of training. It should be understood that the important role here is played by the abdominal muscles, which are called direct, or abdominal.

Abdominal muscles is a kind of stabilizer which verticalsize your body during movements.

The best option for qualitative examination of these muscles is to teach these muscles to keep the body. This can be done by performing heavy exercises.

Important! Less let’s focus on the hands. So more work directly to the press, aligning the case.

“Dragon flag” is one of the best fitness exercises for the formation of a luxury press

This exercise got its name from the brand of the movement known around the world and became the legend of Bruce Lee. It has become a popular movement not only his fans, but also those who simply care about their health.

Basically, this fitness exercise is performed lying on the floor as on the bench. Lie on your back, grasp both hands on the bench. Next, lift the body, going beyond the line of the shoulder girdle, after fixation of the body in this position, the body descends until reaching a parallel line with the floor.

Important! To ensure that the exercise was done correctly and got the desired effect, the body during exercise should be kept straight, without bending it at the hip joints. During the execution of the “Dragon flag” work not only abdominal muscles, but the lumbar, gluteal and other muscles.

In order to properly perform this exercise you will need training and special physical training.

The training program for 6 weeks:

  • 1-2 weeks your feet — 3-5 approaches till 10-15 repetitions;
  • 3: negative phase of the “dragon Flag” approaches 3-5 3-5 repetitions;
  • 4: hold the housing over the bench — 3-5 approaches for 3-5 reps;
  • 5-6: do the exercise in a fully — 3-5 approaches for 3-5 reps.

Expert advice: during exercise, protect your neck, do not strain it. Use the hands only for support.

Your health is in your hands

There are plenty of exercises, among which are horizontal vis side “Dragon flag”. It is often referred to simply as “the box”. And remember, no matter where you start your workout it is important to come to their organization and to correctly perform all exercises. Then the result will be visible not only to you!

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