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Double chin – how to get rid of it?

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A double chin is not a pretty sight, it appears not only due to obesity. To get rid of double chin, you can choose invasive surgery or natural methods.


A double chin appears not only because of obesity, many people have second and third chins appear as you age. If you noticed the second chin, how to get rid of it, will be the most important thought. You can cover up the lack of a scarf or immediately decide on a surgical solution, but both of these ways are extremes.

There are many methods how to get rid of double chin, they are not related with invasive procedures, but bring excellent results. Use these suggestions and very soon you will begin to see results. Ways to get rid of double chin in a week, there is not but a week is a visible progress.

Chew sugarless gum

While intensive chewing gum you lose excess calories per day can burn up to 350 calories. There are more effective ways to spend the extra calories, but the gum will not only waste energy, but also gives tone to the muscles of the face.

Gum is a great exercise for the jaws and muscles of the face.
Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter improves skin elasticity and this will encourage a second chin. Every day apply a couple of tablespoons of cocoa to the problem area and RUB it in with massage movements. Use cocoa butter can not only chin, but also on other problem areas.


There is no way to get rid of double chin without sport. Will need loads of cardio to burn off the extra calories and weight training to bring the muscles in tone. There are exercises, which aimed at the chin. The simple exercise from double chin is to stand up straight and begin to slowly tip the head back, keep your mouth shut, look at the ceiling for five seconds, then slowly lower your head and repeat about ten times. If you can do this exercise every day, then a few days later a second chin is noticeably tightened.

Green tea

In order to get rid of double chin at home, you need to force the body to burn fat. Green tea speeds up metabolism, it works as a natural fat burner. The habit of drinking green tea every day will increase calorie consumption, and improve physical performance, is derived toxins out of the body.

More vitamin E

Not everyone likes to smear the cocoa butter, so you can use another technique to improve the elasticity of the skin. You should increase your intake of vitamin E, it will tighten the skin from within. With a healthy diet you can get a lot of vitamin E from foods such as liver, brown rice, nuts, barley, leafy green vegetables.

More laugh

Laughter is exercise for the face, one of the most enjoyable. Force yourself to laugh for no reason would be stupid, but you can always watch a Comedy, that is, to get positive emotions and to work on the second chin at the same time.

Drink milk

By drinking milk, the skin condition improves, I choose not to skim, and whole milk, skin needs healthy fats. Milk is a fantastic source of huge amounts of vitamins and protein, it is essential for the skin.

If you show persistence, you will soon strike out of my second chin. How to get rid of double chin with surgery or home remedies, everyone decides for himself. But in contrast to surgical intervention all of the above techniques do not involve risks, contraindications and rehabilitation.

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