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Don’t grow muscles in the fitness training: causes and recommendations

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Don’t grow muscles in the fitness training: causes and recommendations
The contents

  • Genetic factor
  • Fitness workout and carbohydrate metabolism
  • The number of muscle fibers
  • Physical activity and hormones
  • Activity miastenia
  • The lack of calories
  • Wrong diet
  • Other causes of the ineffectiveness of exercise

It often happens that even prolonged intensive fitness training, the muscles practically does not grow. What do the athletes in this case? You must first determine the cause of stagnation, and then to tackle the problem.

Genetic factor

First and foremost, physical exercise could be ineffective because of genetic reasons. Muscles according to their structure can be divided into two types of muscle fibers: oxidative and glycolytic. The last type is more inclined to increase. For this reason, people in the muscles, which are fibers of this type, better and more actively build muscle mass, even if performing simple basic exercises. Athletes with predominant oxidative fibers have more complicated. This muscle tissue is more delicate and weak, so increase very slowly.

The downside is that the natural structure of the muscle fibers cannot be changed. But in this case, the instructors figured out how to increase the efficiency of physical activity. People with oxidative type muscle fibers necessary to do the exercises with a large number of repeats (14 to 25). In this case, the limiting physical activity will cause aerobic glycolysis, which would lead to muscle growth.

Fitness workout and carbohydrate metabolism

Carbohydrate metabolism is also considered one of the common inefficiencies of physical activity. It is a process in which the carbohydrates entering the body are turned into energy reserves.

The speed of this process is individual and determined by genetics. Energy reserves in the muscles are consumed in about 30-40 minutes active fitness training. If this stock by the time runs out, the body processes into energy body fat or muscle tissue.

What does it mean? This means that the athlete consumes fewer calories than required, so the body takes not only backup power, but also muscle. It is for this reason muscles are not growing even with intense exercise.

The best way out is to revise your diet and reduce the time fitness workouts. They should not exceed those 30-40 minutes that the muscle fibers have not begun to be processed into energy. Also, athletes need to abandon exercise in the morning, because in this period, the carbohydrate metabolism is particularly active.

The number of muscle fibers

Muscles are composed of smaller fibers and more of them, the stronger and larger the muscle itself. However, each person the number of fibers varies. According to this criterion, it is accepted to divide people into three types of physique: ectomorphs (skinny), endomorph (full-bodied) and mesomorphs (people with normal body and average metabolism).

The number of fibers is laid from birth, so to reduce or increase their number impossible. This means that the lower human body muscle fibers, the more useless for him and strength exercises: without the right approach muscle mass gain will not be. The main symptom of the deficiency of fiber is the disproportion of the results and the applied physical load (heavy training without muscle gain), and affiliation to the ectomorphic body type.

In order to fix the problem, fitness instructors are advised to regularly change the sequence of exercises every 2-3 months. First, you need to perform fiznagruzki to build muscle (rest between approaches 1-3 minutes), and in the next 2-3 months to start power training. Only in this case will be able to increase the muscle volume.

Physical activity and hormones

Hormones also have a significant impact on the growth of muscle. The most famous one is testosterone. If production of this hormone in the body reduced, then muscle growth is much slower.

It is believed that the surge of testosterone falls in the time period from 17 to 19 hours. Therefore, at this time it is better to perform exercise for building mass. The main signs of low testosterone include frequent fatigue during and after fitness training, the lack of relief of the muscles even after a series of enhanced training, the increase in body fat, the presence of the effect of delayed onset muscle soreness.

To solve the mentioned problem will help you adjust the sport mode should perform standard exercises with a minimum number of repetitions (4 to 8), and with the utmost intensity. Physical activity duration should not exceed 45 minutes between classes is necessary to arrange at least a day of rest.

Activity miastenia

Muscles can not grow even at one factor if the body actively produces mistaken — specific protein, inhibits the increase in muscle mass. The main function of the mentioned protein — prevent unlimited growth of muscles, as for the healthy functioning of the body an overabundance of muscle tissue as harmful as its deficiency.

Many of the athletes level of this substance in the body has been exceeded. In this case, all fitness training will be useless: no matter how much effort nor applied an athlete, the muscles will not grow.

To calculate excessive activity Mishanina, you can pay attention to some of the symptoms:

  • a sharp decrease in muscle tissue;
  • signs of dystrophy;
  • no weight gain even with exhausting exercise.

To block the production miastenia impossible nor by power, nor by adjusting physical activity. The best way is to go to an endocrinologist and try to solve the problem with a specialist.

The lack of calories

In most cases, the lack of results when performing physical activity is associated not only with hormones and genetics and banal shortage of calories. Daily calorie for each person is strictly individual, so it makes no sense to adhere to any common standards.

In order to make the muscle grow, you need to calculate your average daily calorie intake using a special calculator, and to add to this figure at least 500 units. It is necessary that the body has consumed slightly more calories than he consumes. Only in this case, when you exercise the body will gain weight instead of burning its energy reserves.

Wrong diet

A caloric deficit is associated another factor of sporting failure — invalid mode meals. It is important not only what the athlete eats, but also how and when he does it. For quality muscle gain enough to eat as normal three times a day.

Experts recommend eating at least 6 times a day and take food at regular intervals of time. If food falls on the torque fitness training, you can prepare a special sports blend. Their allowed to eat even in between exercises.

Other causes of the ineffectiveness of exercise

In addition to the above factors, we can highlight several reasons for the ineffectiveness of fitness workouts:

  • insufficient fluid intake, which seriously disturbed the water balance in the body. Broken water slows down the metabolism;
  • insufficient rest. It is impossible to exercise without rest: muscles need proper recovery;
  • insufficient protein consumption. Protein — building a Foundation for muscles, so immediately after the fitness exercise, it is recommended to eat some protein (meat, protein shake);
  • a training plateau. This effect is observed in the monotony of the action when the body gets used to the same type of elements. Change fiznagruzki, adjust the program, add new exercises.

Subject to all of the above recommendations, you can quickly fix the situation and force the muscles to grow.

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