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Many people who go to the gym, prefer to workout major muscles of the chest, arms, press, etc. due to the lack of stress on the hamstring, the body becomes disproportionate. Let’s look at exercises that will help to learn this area.

What muscles are used during exercise?

During pumping of the leg muscles, the main attention is given to the quads. However, if you do not train biceps thighs, it will lead to such consequences:

  • Imbalance of the body. It will be very noticeable in profile and from behind.
  • Difficulties in obtaining the required depth in the squat.
  • Easily injured knee.

The rear part of the hip consists of the following muscles:

  • Polushariya.
  • Paliperidonesee.
  • the hamstrings.

This muscle group we need to:

  • Flexion legs in the knee.
  • Extension of the hips.
  • Tilting of the pelvis.

During trainings it is necessary to pay attention to the high range and reach. *

Also more likely to use large weights in the accomplishments exercise. Let’s discuss the basic principles of training:

  • Training the hamstring is perfect for improve the overall balance of the leg muscles.
  • Every complex basic exercise is necessary for muscle growth and increase strength.
  • Only a couple of classes in 7 days.
  • The larger the weight, the fewer repetitions can be done without risk of overtraining.

Exercise for pumping the back of the thigh

This part of the body is pumped is quite simple. Will tell you about the basic effective exercises:

Romanian deadlifts

Rod set at the height of the mid-thigh. Select the appropriate weight. For Grif out of nowhere straight grip wider than shoulder width. Then take off the rod from the stop and step back. The knees are a little Pisogne. Inhale – bend over and put the shell up to the height of mid-calf and the pelvis get back. Then slowly straighten out. After the retry can exhale.

Squats with a barbell

This will help to work out all major muscle groups except chest. The lower performs a squat, the stronger is the work back of the thigh. the buttocks are a little further than shoulder level. And hips should be kept parallel to the floor. Keep head in a neutral position, not throwing back and not tilting anywhere. The back is always straight. It is not rounded. Shoulders squared, and his chest is exposed forward. Knees slightly move beyond the level of the toes. In the deep squat should be the high mobility of the lower torso, which many people do not possess. To perform this exercise harder than squats to parallel. This means that if you increase the weight, it will be harder to follow the correct technique. For this reason, beginners are better not to do a deep squat. Some can’t do the squats because slaborazvityh hips, tense muscles, calves and ankles.

Bulgarian split-squats

Exercise will help build leg strength and virtually no work on the lower back. It is necessary to approach the bench with shells in hand, and stand up to her. Greatly step forward, the back foot put the top part of the foot on the bench. Hands with dumbbells are lowered along the body. Doing a squat to legs parallel with the floor. The knee does not go beyond the level of the toes.


Also referred to as hyperextension. If you do it right – feel the most powerful load on the muscles of the back of the thigh. It is important to maintain the correct amplitude. The smooth movement when lifting and throwing. The muscles in the process of exercise are always tired. The head should not tilt up and down at the bottom. Keep your hands near your temples, or you can cross on the breast.

The leg curl

Can be done in the supine and sitting position. You must lie down on the trainer to get the legs behind the cushion. The hands are fixed on the handles. Breathing in, bend leg and keep the cushion to the buttocks. Exhaling, do the extension, lowering the weight down.

Mahi weights

It is a universal exercise that is great for cardio. Effectively develops strength and endurance. Put his feet slightly wider than shoulders, hands fall lower before him, that turned round between the legs. Do a squat, raise the quill movement of the projectile and at the same time get up.

The training program

The training program is for 8 weeks. The exercise takes place just one day after seven days. The program is as follows:

  • Squat with a barbell. Includes a warm-up and 2 sets. Men are required to perform 4-6 reps, 8-10.
  • Bulgarian split-squats. To do 2 at 8-10.
  • Hyperextension. Make 2 set with the maximum number of times.

Gradually you need to increase the working weight.

Sports nutrition during the study of the back of the thigh

There are several helpful supplements that can help enhance the effect of your training is fitness

  • Creatine. The main source of red meat. Supplement help to increase muscle mass and raise strength. Also increase anaerobic endurance, will prevent discomfort in the muscles and will reduce its damage. The drug is safe and has no side effect. Should not be used for those who have kidney problems.
  • protein. Will help to increase the amount of protein, which is important for increasing muscle mass. Is flavored and sweetened.
  • Petreny. In a good product there are such elements: caffeine, beta-alanine, citrulline malate, betaine, ornithine, theanine.

Before taking should consult with a qualified specialist who will determine the appropriate dosage.

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