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Does soda for weight loss?

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In the Internet we found a lot of advice on the subject of using soda for weight loss, the authors insist on the safety and efficiency of techniques. Is it true that soda helps to lose weight?

Soda is in the kitchen each person, and if not, then you can buy in any store for a nominal cost. The Internet is often recommendations about the use soda for weight loss, but the authors rarely describe the mechanism of action of soda from a scientific point of view. We offer to understand, is it true that using a soda can to lose weight?

Chemistry baking soda is called sodium bicarbonate, if you dissolve it in water and drink, the soda will react with the acid environment of the stomach. In the course of the reaction formed water and carbon dioxide, acid in gastric juice neutralized, so soda is frequently used as antacid medications for heartburn. Due to its alkaline environment, soda cope with such unpleasant phenomena, as heartburn, nausea, upset stomach, soil acidity, intake of soda brings immediate relief. While soda can cause bloating because the released during the reaction of carbon dioxide.

If the antacid properties of baking soda are not in doubt, its effectiveness slimming has not been proven. Scientists and physicians can identify only a single action of the soda, indirectly contribute to weight loss, it is a false sense of fullness due to the bloat of the stomach. While soda may not reduce calorie already eaten food, and weight loss is achieved by creating a caloric deficit when calories burned exceed obtained from food. Also soda has nothing to do with the already existing fat deposits.

One of the theories about using soda for weight loss States that drinking soda makes people more productive, he trains harder, spend more calories and lose weight. This theory has been tested experimentally, it was found that after drinking soda the medium blood becomes more alkaline, due to the production of lactic acid, causing a burning sensation in the muscles will be less intense.

In order to postpone the point of fatigue and burning in the muscles before exercise, you need to take 0.3 grams of soda for every kilogram of body weight. However, this technique is not universal, as after drinking soda in the amount of many people will feel discomfort in the abdomen. To train with a distended stomach will be very uncomfortable, as a result, the training will be shorter than usual.

The ingestion of baking soda to increase endurance in smaller quantities would be meaningless, it will not bring any effect.

Baking soda is essential for baking, but in losing weight it does not show such high efficiency, as in cooking. In order to lose weight without harm for health, it is necessary to use the correct regular diet and exercise is the only proven technique to bring your body in shape.

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