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Do you need cardio for weight increase

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Do you need cardio for weight increase

We all know that this kind of fitness, like cardio, promotes efficient fat burning and is the best way to lose weight. But do you need cardio to those fans of a healthy way of life, who came to the gym for muscle growth? Some athletes are limited to strength train in vain ignoring aerobics, which can be very useful in small doses.

The effect of aerobic exercise on human health

The cardio tends to accelerate metabolism and a fast metabolism means a high recovery rate of muscles after fitness classes. The faster recovering muscle fibers – the better their growth. Thus, the growth of the muscles directly related to the speed of metabolism.

High metabolism helps you to gain lean muscle mass and not gaining weight due stored fat. Between the amount of subcutaneous fat and metabolism of the athlete there is a direct correlation. If the human body works quickly and constantly needs energy, it effectively breaks down lipids, not allowing them to be deposited in the form of fat cells.

Cardio is not for nothing so called this healthy view of fitness well coached heart. Because of this growing General stamina, including its power variation. Aerobics has beneficial effects on overall health of an athlete or on its ability to withstand intense strength training.

The optimal amount of cardio in the gym workout

If you overdo it with aerobic capacity, instead of building mass may start burning muscle fibers. The fact is that while cardio the human body consumes a lot of energy. In an effort to free up enough resources, he begins to break down not only fat, but muscle fibers. The restoration of glycogen stores is a long process, during which muscle growth stops completely.

You should follow the advice of doctors, which read that the total amount of weekly cardio should be no more than sixty minutes. Of course, this rule must follow those fans of the HLS that aim to build muscle, not lose weight. The majority of trainers recommends to do cardio several times a week for 15-20 minutes. It is desirable that it was the days free from the power of fitness.

No matter what kind of aerobics use. The effect is the same for running, Biking or jumping rope. It is very important to keep your average heart rate during the class was in the range of from 130 to 150 beats per minute. This frequency means a sufficient efficiency and no danger to heart health.

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